Statement from Lofthouse Brass Band regarding Yorkshire Area Brass Band Championship Fraud.

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    In March 2016 Lofthouse Brass Band were the victims of a malicious attempt to have them disqualified from the Yorkshire Regional Brass Band Championships. This include the creation of a false email address in the name of the Musical Director, Andrew Whitaker, cancellation of long standing players registration and subsequent follow up emails to all competing bands accusing Lofthouse Brass Band of playing ineligible players.
    During the course of the following weeks the story not only became news in the brass banding world but also made the national press, TV and Radio.
    Lofthouse Brass Band were after a through investigation by the Yorkshire Regional Committee completely exonerated and the result from the competition, were Lofthouse Band took 1st place, upheld so the band were invited to attend the National Finals in September.
    On Wednesday 6th July 2016 a 30 year old man from the Harrogate areas was cautioned by Police in relation to this incident. The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, performed at the contest in Bradford and has connections to the music world within the Yorkshire area. It was proved that he acted alone and no one else in the banding world had any indication of his actions.
    His actions caused considerable stress and upset to Lofthouse Brass Band and their officials as well as undermining the exceptional work that Peggy Tomlinson, contest controller on the day, and the Yorkshire Regional Contest Committee do for Yorkshire Brass Bands in organising the Yorkshire Regional Championships.
    A spokesman for Lofthouse Brass Band said "We would like to thank West Yorkshire Police for taking this matter seriously and perusing their investigation to its conclusion. We would like to thank the Yorkshire Regional Committee and all the local bands for their support in this difficult time."
    Lofthouse Brass Band now can put this sad episode behind them and concentrate all their efforts into preparation for the National Finals in Cheltenham in September where they will represent Yorkshire.
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    The very best of luck at the finals you deserve it!
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    Good luck Lofthouse - you sounded great at Bradford!
  4. simonbassbone

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    Glad it all got sorted for Lofthouse.
    Now what action are the Area Committee taking? If he's a player should be a life ban.
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  5. Ianroberts

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    Excellent news, what an arse hole of a bloke eh ! my guess is he's either a horn player or a back row cornet player !

    I wish you all the best at the finals and that this bloke gets strung up by his tiny bits and thrashed with nettles every other hour for at least a month or two !
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    The man has had a Police Caution so I assume both that he has accepted his guilt and that the crime wasn't considered serious enough to take to Court, might that be correct? I wonder both whether the culprit is now at risk of being sued and what legal reasons prevent him from being named? Does anyone know?

    What actually are the rules and associated penalties that the Area Committee could use as a sanction on the culprit. Does anyone know?

    This whole affair must be quite an embarrassment for the culprit's band. His band don't appear to be involved (per the statement at the start of the thread) but no doubt will get some uncalled for grief due to the actions of someone they had no control over (and could not be expected to have control over).

    Are there any independent press reports of the Police Caution, etc.?

    Edit. Lofthouse's report above states (as I read it) that the guilty party came from the Harrogate areas and that the guilty party did play at the contest. Following that comment up I found that Bands that are in the Harrogate area contest in a different region and event.

    Where is the statement from the Yorkshire Regional Committee?
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  7. Bbmad

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    I should think the brass band authorities can recind his registeration and disqualify him from competing?
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  8. Accidental

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    The BBP registry rules do have some provision....

    32. The Registry reserves the right to withdraw a player’s registration card upon receipt of a written recommendation from any properly constituted brass band organisation or contest management for any infringement as detailed below:

    (b) Any action which brings the brass band movement into disrepute

    It just needs Lofthouse or the YRC to make the recommendation

    I also think the person concerned should be named so his current band and other bands can make an informed decision whether to take him and risk a similar stunt in the future when he moves on again
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  9. simonbassbone

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    At a guess the reason Lofthouse Band has been advised not to name the muppet is because they or the Area Committee are considering taking further action against him.
  10. 2nd tenor

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    Are records of Police Cautions open to public viewing? If so then it would be reasonable (IMHO) to tell people in the Brass Band World where to look for those details so that the names of innocent people can be cleared - anyone taking the law into their own hands should expect a more unhappy result for themselves.

    The act committed by the guilty is rather hard if not impossible to justify, but I do wonder what led a person to do such a dreadful thing. Rivalry gone mad or revenge maybe and if so for what? Whatever, it's for the legal system to judge but I think that the Brass Band community in the Yorkshire contesting region - and arguably the adjoining North of England region too - can quite reasonably demand more information as the actions of other bands need to be informed ones too.
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    My understanding (maybe a police officer or lawyer etc will correct me) is that a caution is stored only for police records and only disclosed to other parties in very limited circumstances (like a DBS certificate). I think the idea is to caution the criminal without a prior record for a relatively minor crime that is unlikely to be repeated without spreading the muck far and wide and ruining their life. "You've been an idiot son, but no real harm done. We know where you live and next time we'll throw the book."

    I imagine the BBP could push the offender out using the rules Alex has provided above, but whether they can reveal that a person has been cautioned for an offence is another question.
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  12. 2nd tenor

    2nd tenor Well-Known Member

    Good response and post, thanks Nethers.

    I did a bit of checking with Google and it seems that your understanding is sound.
    (Police caution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
    (Police cautions, warnings and penalty notices - GOV.UK)
    (Q562: What is a caution and how long does it last?)

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