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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Craig1459, May 5, 2009.

  1. Craig1459

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    I marched drum corps for 6 years as a teenager in the late 80s, haven’t touched an instrument for 20 years but recently rediscovered my love of classical music and decided to give playing a crack again. To this end I’ve picked up a Dynasty baritone on the cheap from Fleabay (no point on investing big if I don’t take it much further) and am starting the journey again. I’m a bit old for the corp circuit lol but may look to getting involved in a local band/orchestra further down the line.

    I’m from Glasgow originally but now live in Derby *waves*
  2. KenIrvin

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    Is Ashbourne too far? Depends on which area of Derby you are living. We welcome players of all ages and ability.:tup
  3. Craig1459

    Craig1459 New Member

    Thank you :)

    I only took delivery of my horn this morning - picked it up for the first time in 18 years and can still do an F-scale :biggrin: a bit shaky on the top F but I always was anyway lol

    I'll keep you in mind although I think Ashbourne is a bit out my way
  4. MrsDoyle

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    Welcome Craig!
  5. Califa

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    Glasgow, that would likely put you with the Barons at a guess. I too share your corps heritage, marching with Green Lancers and Conquest in the mid to late 80s.

    I also was missing playing brass and without an outlet let it fester for 25 years before seeing a chance advert at Christmas for Clifton and Lightcliff who take adult learners / relearners. I propmtly joined them and am currently having a ball in their tenor horn section.

    I must say the playing comes back easier than the music reading (we played mainly from memory in Drum Corps) But overall it real good to be back :)
  6. Aurora771

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    I love hearing that after years people come back to music, and particularly brass. Best of luck Craig.
  7. nevillebros

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    Have a look at these guys based in Derby
    They're always on the look out for new players of all standards.