Starting A New Brass Band

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Goldiecornet, Feb 27, 2009.

  1. Goldiecornet

    Goldiecornet New Member

    How difficult do you think it would be to start a new brass band from scratch?
    I have being thinking about it for a while and it is something that i would get alot of satisfaction out of it.

    Any Advise would be appreciated.
  2. Win the lottery ;D
  3. New Band

    How about trying to help those who are struggling at the minute?!!!!!
  4. tigerlily

    tigerlily New Member

    I guess it depends on how many other bands are in the area and whether they are already full bands or needing players.

    I know of a situation where 2 players, unhappy at their old band, left with the intention of starting a new band in the same town. Nearly 2 years on I think they have built up to about 10-12 regular members in the new band.
  5. jim

    jim Member

    Soverighn brass did it built a band up from nothing, I suppose youth is the most important part, teaching and recruting young players.
  6. Lezuls

    Lezuls New Member

    I play in a band that has only been going for 4yrs. We nearly all have our own instruments, most of knew each other before from previous bands and we practice courtesy of a local church alowing us the use of their hall one night a week. It is tough going with no money but it can be done. You just need the players who enjoy playing.:clap: All the best if you get one going.:p
  7. Bayerd

    Bayerd Active Member

    What's your motive for starting a new band? Don't you like the one you're in?/Can't get in your current local band?.......

    Or would the satisfaction come from empire building?

    How easy or difficult do you think it would be for you to attract 25+ players from either other bands or retirement to play for you?

    I personally think you're probably on a hiding to nothing, but good luck anyway.
  8. alanl58

    alanl58 Member

    Like Lezulus, we started about six years ago, and have never looked back.

    We use a private school for rehearsals, have our own instruments, and bought uniforms on E-Bay (btw want some red jackets, we have a load surplus?).

    The most expense was Public Liaibilty Insurance, most councils require £5M, but the premiums can easily be raised at Christmas in a local supermarket or shopping centre....

    But you will need a library of music, and we found one supplier who has a very good selection from defunct bands at £5 a time, mainly older pieces, but then a Belgian supplier offers three pieces for the price of two during January each year, and this has built up our repetoire and library.

    PM me for more info, on go for it!

  9. StellaJohnson

    StellaJohnson Active Member

    I would get more satisfaction out of saving an existing band. For every new band set up and existing band suffers. What about all the history and blood and guts these men did for the band years ago and during the two world wars and still the band played on!
  10. The Bass Boy

    The Bass Boy Member

    Vision, hard work, contacts and finance; 'o' and did I mention hard work.

    And don’t get bogged down in committee's, if you have the vision single-mindedly drive it. Use a management system for controling things.

    I can understand why you would want to start your own band and not assist another struggling band, often their struggling because their not open to new ideas and will not step aside for people who have them. There going to die let them and create a new business model their players and ex players will come to you.

    I am reminded of a Kevin Costner film Field of Dreams "if you build it they will come" it’s very true.

    Wish you all the best.

    Expecting some caustic comments.
  11. ophicliede

    ophicliede Member

    Just over two years ago I was asked about starting a new band by some tutors and older members of a youth band that I conduct. We started just before Christmas with a few players to raise some money through carolling and in the New Year (2007) purchased the area 4th section testpiece with a target to play at the regional finals. We purchased black shirts to use as a uniform and rest is history as they say. Brunel Brass won the Wessex Combined Section Contest in December 2007, the West of England 4th Section in 2008 and 4th place in the National Brass Band 4th Section Finals last October. We are busy preparing for our first contest in the 3rd Section.
  12. Exactly right.
  13. ophicliede

    ophicliede Member

    Done the bit with saving a struggling band for more than a decade and maintained it at the top of the 1st section, lower end of the championship section. However, if the band has no ambition and is full of mediocre players and wasters it can be a little tiresome and frustrating. Especially if you are in the middle of the band continually trying to motivate people.
  14. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    I know exactly how you feel, Opheicliede.
  15. The Bass Boy

    The Bass Boy Member

    But only if they will let you.
  16. The Bass Boy

    The Bass Boy Member

    Agree completly; unfortunatly its their band, only choice is to move on start afresh.
  17. Tim Pritchard

    Tim Pritchard Member

    We started Jersey Premier Brass from scratch. Took to the stage for our first contest with not a single player having contested before. We converted a load of trumpet players to cornet and got anyone who could read music to learn things like the baritone etc. It helps that I (MD) am Head of Music at the local comp so that I can develop new players but I believe what you really need is the drive and energy to make it work. We had plenty of knock backs, it took us a good few years to get success and there were times when when a bum result from an oap adjudicator made us question why we bothered. Now that we have been through the cycle of losing players to university, to have them complete their degrees and come back to us, we have shot up through the sections and are challenging for a place in the Championship section come the areas. I take on board the fact that we are isolated and a bit different, but it can be done.
  18. benjaminuk

    benjaminuk Member

    it depnds on which/how many bands are in the area and what type of players are around as well. If it looks good in both of these areas then i think starying a band will be a good idea.
  19. ratpit

    ratpit Member

    I'm sort of doing this at my school

    We were given some instruments & music from a Band in Ripon North Yorks which folded a few years ago

    I've got to the stage where we have a full band but a big range of ability

    We are playing our first 'contest' at a local music festival in 2 weeks

    We are called Wakeman Youth Brass and we are based at Ripon Grammar
    The Wakeman is the Ripon Horn Blower who keeps watch every night in the City

    It is exciting to think we have started it from scratch!
  20. benjaminuk

    benjaminuk Member

    I bet it is exciting!! Good Luck at the music festival