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Discussion in 'Brass Band Aid - news & discussion' started by Wainy, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Wainy

    Wainy New Member

    The latest Brass Band Aid CD is soon to be recorded, and there will be a chance for someone out there to get in on it and play on the recording! An outstanding lineup is in place for the Brass Band Aid Celebrity Band, which features a who's who of brass talent. The band includes:

    David Daws, Alexandra Kerwin, Chris Turner, Morvern Gilchrist, Joanne Childs, Owen Farr, Lesley Howie, Arfon Owen, Katrina Marzella, Gary Rose, Nick Hudson, Chris Thomas, Adrian Hirst, David and Bob Childs, Steve Sykes, Matthew Routley, Danny Sinclair and Dave Danford amongst others!

    Also featuring on the recording will be The King's Singers, who are specially recording a track, Nicky Spence (who's just signed a huge contract with Universal and recently sung at the Classical Brit Awards) and the BBA Festival Chorus.

    The musicians will be recording 'The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace', originally by Karl Jenkins.

    We are offering the chance for someone out there to play in the Celebrity Band, and an auction will take place on Ebay, starting today. Look out for details shortly on the link for the auction. The winning bidder will:

    •Get to play with the Celebrity Band for one track next to a player of your choice
    •Receive the first copy of the CD, signed by the band and vocal soloists.
    •Have your name appear next to the stars in the CD booklet.
    • Receive photographs taken on the day of the recording.
    • Be given lunch on the day of the recording.
    • Get the chance to mingle with the stars and listen to the rest of the

    The recording will take place on Saturday 12 May in South London and the auction will commence today and run for a period of 10 days.
  2. Bob Thompson

    Bob Thompson Member

    North Pennines. Weardale

    You can find the link on the BBA website on the front page.

  3. jingleram

    jingleram Active Member

    Sounds like a great idea Andrew/Bob!! Can't wait for it's eventual release! Some real names there, such a catch to get the K.S.'s on board!
  4. Bob Thompson

    Bob Thompson Member

    North Pennines. Weardale

    Hi Jingle, never mind waiting for the CD to come out, start the bidding and if you win you can help make the CD!
    Smiles.......... Bob,
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