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  1. Sopman

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    Anyone out there got or know where to get a copy of the Sop part of Stars and Stripes Forever march with the piccolo part written for Sop??

    Any help greatly received.
    Cheers. :lol:
  2. markyboy

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    Hi Sopman!
    There are two arrangements of Stars and Stripes, one is the march card size without the obligato (which is what I presume your band is playing at the moment) then there is another version that has the piccolo part written in for soprano.
    Off the top of my head I cant remember who arranged the second version. Perhaps someone could help me out on that one. I know its only been published within the last few years where as the card size version has been around for some time.
    A few years a go when playing at Meltham I listened to a recording of Stars and Stripes and wrote out onto manuscript an obligato part based on this wind band recording.
    If you have no joy getting a part for the obligato, let me know and I will borrow it from Meltham and send you a copy.
  3. Roger Thorne

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    Many years ago I remember attending the Gala Concert at the Royal Albert Hall after the Championships and recall the Hanwell Band playing this piece. Although the Piccolo part was 'whistled' by a band member dressed as 'Uncle Sam'.

    Anyone else remember that! . . . Peter maybe?

  4. Janet Watkins

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    I remember hearing a Brass In Concert performance when James Gourley played the obligato on tuba!

  5. PeterBale

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    Pat Sheridan also plays the piccolo solo on tuba, and I'm prettty sure there was a recent Listen to the Band recording when another band (? Leyland) did the same. When Illinois Brass Band played it in Birmingham their sop player took the solo, and his verson was closer to the piccolo version than most brass band performances tend to be, where the solo is often simplified.
  6. Dave Payn

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    I believe there is one with the piccolo part arranged by David Twitchings and published by Music for Brass. Still, if you can remember it, or get hold of the original piccolo part and write/tranpose for sop, I can tell you, as a PRS person, it would be OK to write it out as the few works that Sousa was copyright for in the UK (Stars and Striped being one of them) are now in the public domain as of January 1st this year.

  7. Dave Payn

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    SAS again

    I can now confirm that David Twitchings arrangement of SASF does indeedcontain the twiddly, fiddly piccolo solo on the sop.

    Here we go...... :lol:

  8. yorkyboy

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    Ive got peter roberts version of the little sop solo which is used in the march version of it if thats the bit you want- IM if you want it.
  9. Darth_Tuba

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    Wasn't us Peter... done the last 4 or so Listen to the Bands in the last 2 years and we haven't done it ( I think I'd remember doing the picc. solo! :wink: ). I have the recording of Pat Sheridan doing it, and as per usual it's top banana. Must try and get a copy... :D
  10. Aidan

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    Saw a video of the Bones Apart trom quartet doing Stars and Stripes live at the ITC in America... complete with piccolo obligato :) lip trills et all. Very good.
  11. Ha, our quintet has got a class arrangement of it :? :lol: featuring top tpt. palm-off cant play it tho
  12. Aidan

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    haha yeah...
    NOT to be found on our forthcoming CD available soon from all bad record shops.
    I've almost finished the webby too ben :)
  13. have you got an address 4it, or is it not up and running yet?
  14. Aidan

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