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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by eanto, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. eanto

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    Can anyone beat this?

    'Fairey's play Pop' conducted by Marc Reift.

    Sop: Kevin Crockford
    Cornets: Brian Taylor, Lee Rigg
    Horn: Owen Farr
    Euph: Steve Miles
    Bari: Peter Christian, Mark Bousie
    Trom: Nick Hudson
    Eb Bass: Gav Saynor
    Bb Bass Ken Ferguson
    perc: PLC

  2. DocFox

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    I think you have to look at a bigger picture. I have this recording on the radio station. It does well and I personally love it. It is a very pop playlist with a tribute the Carpenters (from the 70s) and the Beatles, The Village People, and many pop pieces from that era (Bohemian Rhapsody and others).

    They are played magnificently. But much to my surprise, there are many albums that play that genre and many of the tracks got "voted" off the station. By no means because of the playing level -- I think more due to genre.

    I would recommend the CD for £13 -- especially for over an hour of toe-tapping music. But unfortunately, if the 70s music is not your thing, you will hears some very well played tunes you might not like.

    Personal Note: I love the CD from top to bottom. I must own close to 250 brass band CDs by now. Some I could find one or two tracks I like. This one, the full CD is on my iPhone. I love to tap my toe to music of a era I remember (college and just after).