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    As a bass player who is quite fond of listening to brass band music on his long commutes, I have plenty of excellent bass solo recordings, as well as general band recordings. However, I don't have much in the way of solo CDs on other instruments, which I'd like to rectify. The other instruments may not be basses, but they're not all bad, right? I might even like them, if I give them a go!

    So what is the outstanding horn/trombone/sop/whatever recording of, say, the last 10 years, to start off with?
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    While I was with Faireys we recorded a lot of solo albums, my favourites are:
    Oration - Steven Mead
    Virtuosi - All instruments,
    The Sound of David Daws.
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    It's worth having a look at what was named Solo CD of the Year by British Bandsman, Brass Band World and 4 Bars Rest in recent years.

    For example;
    Audacious (Steven Mead)
    Winter's Tale (Martin Winter)
    Blaze and Eminence (both Richard Marshall)

    Among others you might want to check out are;
    Caprice (Alison Balsom, trumpet)
    Life Abundant (Philip Cobb, trumpet and cornet)
    Song and Dance (Florian Klingler, trumpet and cornet)
    Legend (Peter Roberts, soprano cornet)
    Katrina (Katrina Marzella, baritone)
    The Voice of the Tenor Horn (Sheona White)
    Gung-Ho (David Bremner, trombone)
    Solo Trombone (Ian Bousfield, trombone)
    Mandrake in the Corner (Hakan Bjorkman, trombone)
    First Song and Melody (Ben van Dijk, bass trombone)
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    Richard Marshall is who you want, if you want concertos get his last album, eminence. For jazzy numbers get blaze and for the 'golden oldies' get the debutante!! :D
    I LOVE them all!
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    A good music collection is a necessity for any long journey. I got a box-set of all the Mahler Symphonies for a flight to Los Angeles this summer.
    A mix of brass solo CD´s would probably have been a better choice, so here is my suggestion for your next trip.

    A must in any brass collection is "Peace - The music of John Golland" with David Childs. It is simply stunningly beautiful.
    The second movement of Euphonium Concerto no 2 alone is worth the price of the CD, and the rest of the numbers are great too.

    "The sound of David Daws" if you just want a cornet sound that is unbelievable. In my mind the greatest cornet player I have ever heard

    As a tuba player you probably already have these, but there are two great norweigan tubists Øystein Baadsvik (of Fnugg fame) with "Tuba Carnival" (not with brass band) and Eirik Gjerdevik with "Eirik the Viking" (partly with Stavanger Brass Band). Both are great musicians with a lot of new stuff.

    If you add "Legends" with Peter Roberts and "Winters Tale" with Martin Winter you should have enough for a transatlantic flight. If not - just listen to Martin Winters rendition of Tomlinsons Cornet Concerto over and over again until you reach your destination - I guarantee you won´t get bored.

    cheers Erik
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    Don't know if it's still available but 'No Limits' with Sergei Nakariakov is just superb. One might question the validity of transcribing major string solos for trumpet and flugelhorn, but when you hear them played by Nakariakov (particularly the Saint-Saens Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso) it sounds so natural. The arrangements make no allowance to transpose to an 'easier' brass key. The Saint-Saens is in the original key of A and Tchaikovsky's Variations on a Rococo Theme is also kept in its original A. A truly magnificent recording, in my view.
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    debutante by richard marshall is a good one to listen too, he's outstanding.
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    Andy Cattanach recommended to me one solo album released in 2006 that gets constant airplay from me ... Exquisite - The Artistry of Malcolm McNab. This well-respected Hollywood trumpet player pulls no punches in his delivery of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto. There is a suite written for him by Bruce Broughton that he plays on cornet. Absolutely superb playing!!! Have a listen to the audio clips.
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    One of the most striking solo cds I've come across recently is "Gung-Ho" by the New Zealand trombone player David Bremner. Mainly recent works but very approachable, and with a range of accompaniments, he has a real gift of communication with the listener.
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    Voice of the Tenor Horn - Sheona White and YBS
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    Another first class recording is "Finnish Euphonium" by Jukka Myllys. Top class playing in very challenging repertoire; probably not generally available any more, but worth looking out for on ebay etc.
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    (post note ... Joe left Canadian Brass in September)
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    Hmm 13 posts in and no-one has mentioned Iwan Williams' Mellow Moments.

    Not sure its the sort of stuff you'd want to listen to on a long commute (its so mellow it might put you to sleep!) but its a damn good study in how to play the flugelhorn in a brass band - and I'm convinced he has four lungs and two diaphrams. :)
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    Just seen this thread and "Mellow Moments" by Iwan Williams would be on top of the list for me. Peter Roberts "Legend" and Richard Marshall's "Debutante" also firm favourites.