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  1. Columbo

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    Here's one. What your thoughts on improving stamina.

    Taking into account. embouchure, mouthpieces (Flugel in particular).

    Eg. I have always stayed on the same Flugel Mouthpiece which is quite wide rimmed. I have thin lips and a sharp tooth which causes me problems. I Always split my lip prior to contest time, what with the extra practice. Any ideas how to cure a glass lip!!

    Sensible replies only please. :)
  2. DMBabe

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    Use some sticky brace wax to fill the sharp edge if it's caused by a slightly wonky teeth. That way it'll make a smoother surface for the mouthpiece to sit on without causing excess bulk at the lip?
  3. trumpetmike

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    Don't overdo things the week before the contest/concert

    Do you have a regular practice schedule?
    Do you ever go for lessons?
    I have a number of exercises I do with my students to increase their stamina, but these are usually specifically aimed at each student's needs. Some exercises work better for some students than others - the only way I have found for working out which work with which student is to hear the student play first.
    Hearing/seeing in person is also a very easy way to see whether the mouthpiece they are using is actually an appropriate one for them. I have seen a number of banders who are using the mouthpiece that came with the instrument, regardless of whether it might be a good one for them, or they are playing a mouthpiece because they have been told it will help in their upper register, regardless of what it might do to their tone.

    In person consultations/lessons are the best way to improve most aspects of brass playing.
  4. Kjata

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    Try and maintain a practice routine, don't just pick up your instrument before a contest, the more used to practice you are, the stronger your lip will become!
  5. Columbo

    Columbo Member

    My point exactly. Any advice for an open minded experienced player in regards to lessons from whom? Speaking specifically on a flugel basis?

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