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  1. andywooler

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    Has anyone out there putchased or played the Stagg range?
    I'd be interested in opinions on the quality of trumpets from this manufacturer.

  2. ray_ed

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    Hi, i bought a Stagg cornet for one of my yung uns to blow on and its very good......obviously you get what you pay for but the quality nd sound are good considering it cost me £70 !!

    Our Solo Trombone player bought a Stagg Trombone to play on the march so that he didnt damage his "good" instrument...and he is very happy with that too.

    hope this helps
  3. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    I've a Stagg trombone - and I would endrose what ray_ed said. Cheap and cheerful, but playable.
  4. BigHorn

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    I bought my daughter a stagg pocket trumpet so she didnt have to carry a large heavy flugel case to school. Again you can tell its not an expensive professional instrument. But we think it was well worth the £60 pounds brand new price we paid for it off ebay and nobody in the school orchestra complains when she plays it.
    We had to lap in the valves with a bit of brasso to improve the valve action, but apart from that we have had no complaints at all.
    I think the reason they are so cheap is that are made in China who make lots of budget/school standard instruments such as violins. Its the Indian budget makes that are the ones that are really unplayable.
  5. trumpetmike

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    Stagg - a step up from the cheap Indian Ebay instrument-like things. A step down from Amati.

    If an instrument's price looks too good to be true, the chances are high that it is. You get what you pay for. If all you want is something that looks like a very shiny instrument, go for it.
    Personally, I will stick to recommending Yamaha for students (and beyond) - decent quality at a reasonable price.
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    "But why'd they have to call it Stagg?!"

    I'm so sorry.... I'll get my coat....

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    no need to do it twice helen!

    All I can think of is those chilli meatball things called stagg.
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    I know, sorry got a bit carried away, cheers Kepps! :)
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    Thanks for coming, you've been a right laugh!