Stagg Trumpet Care Kit

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  1. It is a shame that my first post on TMP has to be a negative one. The experienced players of brass instruments on the forum may not touch budget-priced care kits such as this in the first place; however, there might be beginners other than me on the forum so I do think that it is worth an airing.

    This kit consists of small bottles of slide grease and vale oil, and a variety of brushes. The slide grease seems fine. However, the valve oil reeks of kerosene or something equally objectionable. The Blue Juice that I have now purchased seems odourless.

    The main problem is with the snake-brush "designed" for cleaning around bends. I soon found out that this is worse than useless, and at one point wondered if it would cost me the cornet. What I had assumed would be a continuous "snake" of intertwined wire strands turned out to be stubs at either end, which contain the brush hairs, are pushed into a flexible hollow plastic tube and held in by friction.

    When I gave my newly-acquired second-hand cornet a deep clean today, I ended up spending an hour and a half extracting a brush head that inevitably came off, quite deep inside the cornet. I expect that this has produced some scratches to the inner surfaces of the tubing.
  2. Update: I have now found that others are reporting this problem. One user states that he or she has found it impossible to extract the brush-head and is having to give up learning the instrument. I expect that, in fact, a professional repairer could undo some joints and remove some of the tubing to get at the obstruction. However, not everyone has the funds to a professional repairer involved.

    This product should never have been offered for sale.
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    This applies to their instruments as well as the "care" kit.