St. David's Brass 25th Anniversary Concert - POSTPONED

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    St. David's Brass 25th Anniversary Concert, St. David's High School, Dalkeith Schools Campus, on 21st March 2007.

    Senior band, Junior band, Massed bands ;)

    Starts 7.00 pm, free entry.

    (Former players wishing to join in with the 'massed bands', please contact John Dickson.)
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    We were told the hall was booked, but turns out it wasn't...:mad:

    (PS Can a mod kindly edit the thread title to remove the date and add 'Postponed', please?)

    (PPS And could a mod change the calendar entry too, please? Sorry for all the hassle, but imagine how we feel just now...)
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    Thanks for the quick action - first thing to go right today!

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