SS KELLYberg sets sail!

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    KELLY Mouthpieces announces their newest release:
    .....the Stainless-Steel KELLYberg Tuba Mouthpiece!

    Many tuba players already have a lexan KELLYberg in their arsenal.
    Now, with the professional tubist in mind, we've added that same
    great design in surgical-stainless-steel!

    Benefits of the new SS KELLYberg:
    1. Great feel - very smooth surface finishes are acquired with
    the dense, hard, surgical-steel!

    2. No plating - no chipping or worn plating ever - solid to the core!

    3. Hypo-allergenic - like our lexan material, the stainless-steel is
    used extensively in the medical field for its inert properties!

    4. Fantastic response - excellent response whether playing
    extremely soft or full!

    5. Great price - $130 includes vinyl carrying pouch!

    Get one today!

    Thanks, Jim Kelly

    Bringing COLOR to Music!
    674 South Pioneer Road
    Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 54935-9190
    ph 920-922-9888
    fx 920-922-7308


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