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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by musicmaker, Feb 27, 2007.

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    Hi my name is Lee Whitworth and I’m the MD of The most famous Brass band in Ripon, That’s it The Ripon City Band.

    My wife is due to drop a sprog at the end of March, early April so we have a guess the sex and weight comp going on our web site. Feel free to have a go, just click on www.riponcityband.co.uk and go to our guest book.

    That’s one new member on the waiting list for the training band……
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    Well one or two have had a go, even some names that i dont know. But if anyone wants to see my wifes bump, she will be at Darlington on sat for the 3rd section.

    not long now and my life will change from

    band, wife, work.


    band. kid, wife, work.

    All the best to all bands this weekend at Darlington.
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    What a day at Darlo, Mr Lancaster you have a good ear, Sir?

    Anyway some more peeps have had a guess at the baby thing on our web site. www.riponcityband.co.uk The wife aint happy about some of the weight guesses????? Shes only a small girl, bless her.

    Well done to all the bands that played over the weekend.
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    Well Ali was due yesterday and yet still now sign of him or her, i have now put my guess on the web site.

    So if you havnt you still have a day or two or maybe even a week, who nows.

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    well the wife is a bit cheesed off now as the sprog was due last sun. So there is still time to have a go. www.riponcityband.co.uk

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