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    Spring 2012 @ FMFK will see more from new contributor Dave Honeywell along with additions from our regular members.

    Chris Brown has developed his hugely popular 'Olympic Torch' for Chamber Orchestra and Wind Band. - Available Now
    Find out more about this progressive collaborative concept HERE ...Free to download, print and perform.


    We are always looking for new contributors.

    If you would like to send us any original or copyright free scores to share with our Amateur Brass Band community, we are very appreciative on behalf of everyone who will benefit.
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    Brass Band Warm Up Sheets @ FMFK

    Brass Band Warm Up 1.2.3. is possibly something a little different.
    dealing with most common issues.
    Tuning / Intonation / Rhythm / Agility
    They could help a band hit the ground running.

    3 A4 sheets that can be duplicated for the full band. FREE HERE

    At FMFK we are always looking for any helpful excercises such as the above
    so we can share them with everyone out there in our Amature Brass Band Community

    Please get in touch :D
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    Big Blues for Little Bands @ FMFK

    New Amature Brass Band Movement Score
    Big Blues for Little bands
    has been made available on FMFK

    It's FREE

    Find out more about it HERE

    Rock On !

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    New arrangement @ FMFK for Band by new contributor - Dave Honeywell

    It is part of his very sucessful Flexible Quartet series.

    Lark in the Clear Air HERE
    ...Free for our Amateur Brass Band Movement.

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    Some Adventure for our intrepid banders at FMFK

    Aztec Sun Dance
    - by Chris Brown
    is available FREE to download and perform.

    Find out more about this exciting banding community composition HERE

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    -> Deep Harmony ....

    beautifully simple arrangement
    by new FMFK Contributor Phil Driscoll

    FREE for Us... ,The amature banding community

    Many Thanks Phil !

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    Celebrate Easter Weekend with Bunnies From FMFK

    Bunnies is a very simple tune for Junior bands

    FMFK welcomes more simple tunes like this.. Please send them in to share
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    Chris Brown
    has kindly offered the first M-M-One
    piece to FMFK

    His moving Euphonium Feature
    Lochaber No More

    Both the Soloist PDF and MP3 Backing Track are available
    FREE in our newly created M-M-One section of the Library

    The first of many M-M-One
    works we are delighted to freely offer our Amature banding community
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    Coming soon ...FREE for all at FMFK

    a 3 part work for junior bands introducing the Stylaphone 350s and Roland 303 to Brass Band world...

    ...... Click HERE for a preview
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    It's St. Georges Day today.

    To mark the moment,
    We have pieced together a St. Georges Day Special at FMFK featuring free music from the site.

    Have a Great Day.
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    New Section to FMFK

    Scoring Tips

    Offering Scoring tips for Junior and Novice Amature Bands

    Both technical and social aspects of Scoring will be covered

    We Welcome contributions to this section from 'everywhere' ...send your Tips in :clap:

    Share you Knowledge and lets grow together.
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    Two new entries at FMFK as Spring draws to a close

    Fanfare for the Common Child





    As always... Free to Download, Print and Play.

    We welcome contributions from all ages and locations.
    Of any standard
    to our amature community music database.

    Its been nearly a year now and we have collated over 50 contributions.

    Many Thanks Everyone.
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    Lord The Light Of Your Love - Arranged by Andrew Norman
    (Shine Jesus Shine)

    Kind Permission from Graham Kendric was awarded
    for this arrangement to be made available to PDF Brass and FMFK to freely distribute.
    Publisher (c) 1987 Make Way Music.

    FMFK are delighted to be allowed to freely offer this contemporary hymn for all Brass Bands to benefit.

    Free to Download Print and Perform
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    Swing it

    Auld Lang Syne
    by John Hind
    A up tempo arrangement of this traditional party and celibratory anthem

    Now available from FMFK
    free for our amature movement. :)

    More from to come from John Hind this Summer

    If you would like to contribute to your ever growing free brass band music resource use our contact page.
    We also help with technical aspects including rendering MP3's for the site.

    and Remember... if its Original thatre are NO Copyright shackles whatsoever if you want to freely offer your work to the community.
    Its simple :) ...you can, and everyone will be delighted you have done so.
    We recommend you choose a FREE Creative Commons Licence for your own freely offered work,
    This will ensure your freely offered work remains credited to you whilst also ensuring no-one profits commercially from your work without your consent.

    If any doubt exists about copyright of tradditional music contact Pennine Music Publishing who will be happy to guide you.
    For example... The tradditional Orchestral Christmas Classic "Troika" is IN copyright as is "Happy Birthday to you"

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