Spring festival travel: M62 Shut

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  1. glen miler

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    M62 Shut

    Just heard on local radio that the M62 at Rochdale is shut from tonight 9.00pm for bridge replacement work.

    All you from Yorks / NE set off a bit early
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    I've split this into a thread on its own as people are more likely to spot it that way - hope you all get there alright!
  3. glen miler

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    A bit more info: from the Government News Network wensite

    The following weekend, Friday 12 May and Saturday 13 May further closures are planned for the westbound motorway when the remaining sections of the bridge deck are craned into position. On Friday evening the motorway will be closed from 21.00 until 8.00 and on Saturday evening from 20.00 until 08.00.

    A clearly signed diversion will operate via M62 Junction 20, the A627M, Kingsway, Elizabeth Way and M62 Junction 21 for both closures.
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  4. VenusTromster

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    Well I went straight from a school concert in Holmfirth and nobody phoned to tell me until I was sitting in the traffic jam!!

    1hr 10 mins to do 4 miles! I wasn't very happy, finally arrived very tired in Blackpool at 12.50!

    Oh well, the beer has since made up for it.