Spread a Little Festive Cheer this Christmas

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    Fed up of sending Christmas cards? Well, if that’s you why don’t you forget about posting your cards this Christmas and instead donate the money you would spend on postage to Brass Band Aid, the amazing charity encouraging the brass band movement to help Make Poverty History.
    We can all easily spend around £4 posting Christmas cards so why not consider donating the money to Brass Band Aid and send a really special Christmas message to the Children in Ethiopia. You could also ask your friends to do the same; if only a hundred people supported this Christmas initiative think of the difference you could make.
    What difference would £400 make? With £400 you could train a new teacher and hundreds of children would benefit. Likewise, a school is much easier to learn in if you have a fully furnished classroom and with £400 you could stock a number of classrooms with writing boards, desks, chairs and stationery to help children learn and give them pride in their education, their school and their community.
    So go on, why don’t you consider hand delivering your Christmas cards this year or perhaps even send them second class instead of first class and donate the difference to Brass Band Aid where a few pennies and pounds can make all the difference.
    Christmas; it’s got to be about more than just sending cards to get the message out!
    For more information log on to: www.brassbandaid.com