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    Is it possible you could repost the following for us please, regarding the SOP the band had stolen Sunday night??

    Many thanks .

    Instrument: Soprano Cornet
    Make and Model: Schilke
    Serial Number: 46541
    Finish: Silver

    Make and Model: Yamaha
    Size: 16 1/2 E
    Finish: Silver

    Instrument Case Description: Black Besson Sop case.

    Any distinguising marks:
    There is a small dent on the apex of the bend on the pipe leading back from the bell towards the player.

    Last Known Location / Area Stolen From:
    Date Stolen (if unknown give range of dates): Sunday 09th April 06, between 10pm and 11pm
    Car broken into in the carpark, outside the Hollybush pub in the Stannington/Rivelin area of Sheffield (S6)

    Other items stolen with instrument (in case they are sold together)
    Mutes, music stand, sheet music etc.
    There was: a Schilke mouthpiece, Harmon + Cup + Straight mutes, Cornet Stand and a Lyre in the case.
    There was an expensive Microscope taken along with the Sop (this is in a box approx twice the size of the sop) and a Sat Nav unit.

    Other Information:

    Local Police Station: Sheffield- Hammerton Road.

    Contact name:Stannington Brass Band
    Current contact details availabe at: www.stanningtonbrassband.org.uk
    or Please contact or PM any member of Stannington Brass Band with any info:
    bassmittens, timbloke, i'm not a manc, squirrel.

    I will update any further details as soon as we have them.
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