spooky walk music ?

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  1. its_jon

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    In Cartoons, when someone/something is creeping up on another... You often get that spooky walk music (often played on a xylophone)

    What is it originally from ?

  2. Laserbeam bass

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    Scooby Doo?
  3. its_jon

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    Could be ... Or could it actually be a bit of Bach ??

    Im sure I have heard it in Cartoons from the start of the last century, way before Scoob.

    Was it originaly created for a toon or an excerpt of classical music popularised by a toon ? :confused:

    Its atually for a piece im writing called Zoinks (with mystery machines in mind) but I just want to make sure its not something in copyright.
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    I know versions of that motif were around during the silent movie era, maybe you should be looking to composers who wrote for those early films?
  5. Euphanasia

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    To my shame :oops::oops: I know that the motif you refer to appears in the brass band version of the Addams Family, arranged by Alan Beaumont........so it has been used in an arrangement before, with (presumably) no copyright issues?

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  6. MoominDave

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    The first 5 notes are similar to the theme from the Musical Offering, which is maybe what you're thinking of? Only similar though, not the same - rhythm's the same, but the notes are C, Eb, G, Ab, (low) B.

    Haven't I heard this used for Keystone Cops movies? Not sure at what date the soundtrack would have been attached though.
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    The "Slimy Viper" cue, as played on the freewebs site, is not the same as the cue posted by Jon at the start of the thread ...
  10. phildriscoll

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    Drat - no midi player on the machine I posted from. Sorry.
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    Not your fault; the bum steer came from a 3rd-party comment on the Youtube link ...
  12. phildriscoll

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    Jon - if it is Mysterioso Pizzicato as above it is still in copyright and controlled by Universal so best avoided. Write something "suggestive" of it instead....
  14. Andrew Norman

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    Update on the copyright - it is Public Domain in Uk and Europe although not in USA and Ivory Coast (?) so as long as you put a disclaimer to the effect that it is only for download in UK & Europe you will be legal.
    My thanks to Faber for their help in clarifying this so quickly.
  15. its_jon

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    Thanks Everyone !

    Looks as if it IS Mysterioso Pizzicato.

    I will include the Mysterioso Pizzicato
    motif in the music with a Disclaimer as proposed by Andrew Norman.


    Following on from recent feedback (during this thread) from one of our valued contributers at FMFK
    It has been suggested that we could mirror the success Open Source/Free software has had in the I.T. world by allowing master files on the FMFK site.

    This would allow everyone access to original files which would probably offer a huge head start for many, allowing everyone to participate, contribute, improve and tweak for the benefit of all.

    In the light of this suggestion, I thought I would do two things....
    Firstly, offer this idea open for public debate and secondly, dip the toe in the water by offering the Halloween Special number I am working on as the first open work.for example, many learner bands often have too many cornets and no horns, so anyone could rework the score to suit.

    Publication of master files in the proposed way would be restricted to free and open formats such as MXML or native MuseScore (which is free and multiplatform). It would be counter-productive to publish files that required users to first have to buy software to participate. This is what I will do with 'Zoinks !' - (The Halloween Special for FMFK) I will put the master MuseScore Zoinks ! On FMFK in a new section called M-M-Pot for Music Melting Pot in native MuseScore and MXML format.

    Basic Guide Lines... final submissions and or changes to be sent no later than October 25[SUP]th[/SUP] to allow time to prepare the final work for Halloween.
    Of course after this date, the file is still open to adaptation by anyone.

    Either change, adapt, FIX or even start new movements.

    The finished work will be freely 100% open source licensed under the :-

    Zoinks ! by FMFK Collective is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

    Hopefully the piece will be cohesive :)

    I will set up the M-M-Pot section on FMFK ASAP and include the first very draft like Zoinks ! For deliberation.

    Any thoughts on the Melting pot idea ?
    I also can not see any reason why any composer should not be able to offer original copyright free master files on FMFK :) should he or she wish to do so.

    Any thoughts on the Melting pot idea ?
  16. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    It's been thought about before... but never executed!
  17. its_jon

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    Thats not the same.
    Whilst I AM inviting comments about the whole idea...I am not inviting 'comments' about how a piece of music should progress.

    I am offering a framework for the original music itself for everyone to adapt to their own needs or change/fix/improve in total freedom.
    Not talking about doing, ...Actually 'doing'

    A "triangle cadenza" was suggested in the thread you refer to.

    Another suggestion

    "should be scored for 24 euphoniums and a triangle. With maybe another euphonium to give more tonal variation"

    If someone considered these suggestions a good idea there would be no barrier whatsoever to stop the adaption of the work in such a manner.
    However, I think most people would refer back to an earlier (non triangulated or Euphonium heavy) version of the score to build upon.

    The M-M-Pot facility is now live in FMFK

    I will upload Zoinks in MXML and MSCZ formats shortly for anyone to play about with and start to develop...or indeed bring to conclusion.
    Or adapt further after a conclusion is reached.
    Some virsion of Zoinks will be ready for Halloween and would be a positive project if it contained contributions from several composers :)

    Meanwhile, If anyone has any framework Scores or half finished works they also want to share..
    maybe even a theme/melody just send them into the Music Melting Pot

    I also have a few half finished and just started Scores I will place into the Pot

  18. phildriscoll

    phildriscoll Moderator Staff Member

    I suspect that finished works are likely to be most useful at the outset. I'm sure that we've all had times when we've needed to do things like move a solo from an Eb instrument to a Bb one, or put a hymn into a singable key, or some music into an easier key or range for beginners to play. Having access to the master files released under a licence which allows this kind of thing would be a boon.

    Where we lose out compared with software development, is that we lack the tools to merge contributions from multiple users. Programmers have tools like CVS and GIT which can selectively combine work from multiple simultaneous contributors. As far as I'm aware, the notation world has nothing like that, so managing a collaborative development would involve careful coordination and sequencing.
  19. its_jon

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    I would expect a lot of chaos in the FMFK Music Melting Pot

    ... along with hopefully exciting tangents as composers with differing styles stamp a mark on work.

    I have also changed our accepted file type text on our 'Contact/Upload' page to notify users which master file types we accept.
    Master files of finished works under the creative commons licence below should allow exactly what we are looking for

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
  20. Will the Sec

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    Oy vay.