Sponsor tMP and contribute towards the tMP Music Fund!

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    Sponsor tMP and contribute towards the tMP Music Fund!

    Hello all,

    I am sure most of you are aware of the numerous engagements undertaken by the tMP Band every year - a list that has now grown to include a number of high-profile concerts e.g. Pontins last year, Easingwold (this year for the 3rd time!!) and the forthcoming tMP charity concert at Hadleigh (where we will be premiering the winning tMP Composition March by Darrol Barry). Because of these important engagements, it is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to supply and populate the 'tMP Music Library'.

    Prior to the Pontins concerts we posted an appeal for donations of music sets towards the library - music which we were extremely grateful to receive - and our thanks once again to all who contributed. Some great music was received.

    Being a non-commercial organisation we have relied on the generosity of members to supply our music library to date. To improve and update this limited library we would like to ask you - our members - if you would consider making a 'one-off' donation of £5.00 towards the tMP Music fund - via PayPal or personal cheque.

    Every penny donated this way will be used to purchase music for the tMP Band - helping us to expand our library - therefore giving you all a wider choice of music to play should you ever take up the chance of playing with the band, as well as giving the listeners an even greater range of music to hear at our events.

    You can make your contribution in the tMP Subscription system by clicking UserCP > Paid Subscriptions > tMP Music Library

    Each member who contributes towards this fund will be acknowledged fully on theMouthPiece.com

    We hope you all consider this proposal for help - we are extremely grateful for any contribution we receive from our members.

    Bands: as an alternative to the above, if you have duplicate sets of music, or simply have sets of music which are no longer needed, we would be very greatful to receive such donations for use by the tMP Band at future events.

    Thank you - and keep your eyes peeled for further announcements about some exciting new developments we have planned for 2005.
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    Just a thought but how would you feel about donations of music from band libraries? I know we have a number of items in our library were we have two complete sets of music; generally bought a second set by mistake or first set apparently lost, replaced then original found. Similar situation must have happened at other bands too.Publishers orginals only though.
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    I'm sure any donations of music would be gratefully received, and believe this was suggested in an earlier discussion on the subject.
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    That's an excellent suggestion Francis, thanks. I have added it to John's original post (above).