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    Help!! everyone was great helping me with my psychology coursework- now its time for my english coursewok!!
    I've got to investigate one area of spoken language, by comparing and contrasting a selection of 3 transcripts- on has to be pre 1974, (over 30 years old) either spontaneous or scripted (must have at least one of each)

    some of the ideas we were given were the analysis of spoken comedy, storytelling, children, religion, law, film, teaching etc....but i have no idea what topic to choose so i need some ideas please :) would have done the language of big brother but unfortunatly it wasnt around 30 years ago, so i couldnt make a pre 1974 transcript from it!!

    so get your thinking caps on people! need to choose a good topic! (i need to get an A in english this year!!)

    kelly xXx
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