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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by daveredhead, May 3, 2007.

  1. daveredhead

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    I have a metal frame and wooden treads spiral staircase, in my house,The rail to grip, has a heat-sealed hard black plastic grip.I have been here 20yrs and over the years, the black grip has gradually started to slide down the rail, and now hangs over the bottom by about 125mm, This could be due to various guests in various states of sobriety hauling themselves up and down , Is there any bodyout there can advis e me how to get the grip back , cos i dont want to be left with bare metal, hope you tMP "Experts "can help Thanks in anticipation:tup
  2. DaveR

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    Does it slide back to it's proper position, or does it feel firmly attached (albeit in the wrong place)?
    If it slides, you could probably slide it back into position and put a screw in at the top to hold it in place. If it doesn't slide, you may need to totally take it off the rail first and re-attach it. It sounds like the glue inside is getting a bit old and past it....

    Oooh, or cut the overhang off the bottom, and glue it back at the top! :biggrin:
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  3. John Brooks

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    .........or turn it upside down and in another few years of similar treatment it will be back where it should be!
  4. BigHorn

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    You've probably already tried this as you mention it is a heat sealed plastic sleeve. But if you havent it might be worth holding it in position and then hot blow-drying it with a hair dryer. If there is an adhesive underneath the heat may well re-activate the tackiness.

    I must say there have been some strange queries on tMP over the years but this one is about as random as you can get.
  5. Roger Thorne

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    This might solve the problem!


  6. daveredhead

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    Cheers Rog, where does the beer tray go and can i practice my cornet whilst in motion
  7. daveredhead

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    Thanks for advice Dave, it is def firmly attached, have tried with three other men (Big strong ones --Not like me) to slide back up,
    as previously mentioned it is odd random chat, but i thought someone out there would know,
    We could hold a staircase grip pushing party, dress optional!!!
  8. brassneck

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    - can't the grip be removed then stuck back on again? Or is the flexibility of the plastic long gone?
  9. Cornet Nev.

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    If the plastic is stiff and fairly rigid gently tap the end with a heavy but soft mallet. If no mallet available then hold a piece of wood between the end and a normal hammer, gentle shock treatment like this should send it back a bit at a time.
  10. daveredhead

    daveredhead Member

    Have tried all the above, it is def thick moulded plastic about 5mm thick, any thicker it would qualify to be me!!! thats why i thought the tMP experts could come up with solution
  11. super_sop

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    I GOT IT!!!!!!!

    sit down in front of it with your sop and blast it back up!!!!
    failing that i'll pop down and we'll both do it!!!
  12. daveredhead

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    Craig that is a great idea!!!we could drink a few bottles of wine to assist the notes/and cover get higher, see you at weekend mate,
  13. super_sop

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    don't forget the wine for next saturday morniing i think i might need it!!!
    hope your looking forward to it
  14. RonBarnes

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    Unfortunately I don't think any amount of pushing or pulling will get it back in place. Plastic expands and contracts at a different rate than the steel core it surrounds and over a period of time it will creep downwards. That plastic is tough stuff but cutting it off at the bottom and sticking it back on the top might be the best bet if it's not too unsightly and if the plastic is flexible enough.