Speed Camera Locations and Numbers?

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  1. nook1938

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    A Subject to talk about when you realise you have just gone through one and not spotted the camera, then the wait for a Letter. :oops:

    One road in Wakefield sports 6 camera's -- now as anyone any idea how many there are in their location? ;)

  2. julestools

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    I travel arround the country an awfull lot but have never been caught on camera. Last time i got fined was 1989 and that was with a hand held gun, in my own village. I did get flashed in wolverhampton a couple of years ago but, on my return, I noticed some kind individual had stuck a beer mat to the camera lens with chewing gum. Thanks mate :clap:


    Jules (try driving slower, it helps)
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    You may be lucky - round here a fair few of them are empty. But there's loads round Preston/Blackpool.
    There's one each side of the pedestian crossing on the Ringway (behind the market) in Preston and I don't think either has ever has a camera in it. Still slows everyone down! (bit like the cardboard Range Rovers they tried on the M6 a few years ago - what happened to them?)

    I do think they're generally put up on cost grounds rather than safety grounds, though. And they lead to heavy braking if people only see them at the last minute, very safe. However I'd quite happily put one outside every school, at least that would be for safety reasons.

    The most I've ever seen together was when they widened/extended the M60 round Stockport, stuck a 40 limit on the whole lot and there were 6 cameras on each side between the Pyramid and the turn-off for Marple, about 3 miles if not less. And at least half of them were behind gantries, signs, or (in one case) a Portaloo!
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    Got a Tom Tom navigator in the car and it maps the locations of all fixed speed cameras in the country. Anyway I'm all for supporting speed cameras. If you don't speed then there's nothing to worry about.
  6. b ross

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    Speed cameras are simply a cash cow to make money. The police claim to be using fixed and mobile cameras in accident black spots and in my area this simply isnt true!
    Yes I've been caught for speeding (I'm not bitter!) both times by mobile cameras and in accident black spots or outside a school etc etc, not a chance!
    I've got a road angel in my car now and it works a treat but even better it actually makes me drive much more slowly!
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  8. 1st Position

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    East Yorkshire/North Lincolnshire there are eighty odd locations for the mobile camera vans to sit in wait. Luckily though, the areas are all well signposted, and generally the police are in a highly visible transit van. If you miss all of that, then your eyesight must be that bad, you shouldn't be driving anyway!!

    On the A1079 Hull to York, I think the total is now about 14 fixed cameras, all of which seem to be working and checked regualry.

    There is a motorbike fitted with all the latest gadgetry, which operates in the same locations as the vans, just harder to spot. I think there are 6 vans - so if you go past the central ticket office in Beverely, and you can see them all (and the bike) then you can have a little fun, so long as you remember where the fixed cameras are.

    The favourite spot for the mobile cameras seems to be on the western side of the Daltrey Street flyover. Definitely worth sticking to the 40mph limit, because they don't always park in an obvious place.

    Just for the record, yes I have been zapped as well. In the old days, when they used to hide behind a hedge. Quite impressive though, 46 in a 40, going up hill in a fully loaded truck. I must have had a strong back wind tha day, as I can barely reach 40 up the hill normally!
  9. johnmartin

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    I've got a one year old son in the car now and that has definetely helped me slow down. :)
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    All cars are fitted with a device to stop you from getting a speeding ticket, commonly known as a SPEEDOMETER, use it and you do not have to worry.
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    I found that getting a road angel was slightly cheaper! ;)
  12. b ross

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    You must be one of those annoying folks that never do anything wrong?!
  13. Splitone

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    No. It's worse than that. He's a driving instructor. Top speed of 20mph!!:ranting2:
  14. leisa

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    I got one and replied to them but they not given me a fine yet haha not that i am complainin!!!! :biggrin:
  15. Anno Draconis

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    Went to Nottingham a few weeks ago; the A610 has one about every 100 yards!
  16. 2nd man down

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    I seem to remember driving home from a site visit somewhere down near Cannock and being staggered at how many there were down this one particular road (the road number escapes me). They semed to be every 400 yds on a perfectly straight piece of road. Seemed a tad overkill to me.

    Why don't they put the current speed limit on the back of each camera??
  17. ronnie_the_lizard

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    That's fine if you realise what the speed limit is. I've been caught twice, both times driving along a deserted straight dual carriageway/motorway with visibility of > 1/2 mile of empty road ahead of me and doing around 45. My fault, I know, for not concentrating on the speed limit signs +/- spacing of streetlamps, but not actually causing any problems ).

    Getting flashed by a speed camera in those situations 1) makes me suddenly slam on the brakes and 2) distracts me from concentrating on driving as I worry about the ticket.

    I find the signs that detect your speed and then flash to remind you of the limit / sharp bends etc are far more effective in improving my driving than the thousands of signs with pictures of a camera on them when there isn't one there anyway.
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    Speeding doesn't cause accidents, bad driving does. Speed just potentially makes things more serious if you do have an accident (or if your not a good enough driver to cope with the speed your driving).

    If there were plenty of police on the road to nab bad drivers, then I wouldnt be so annoyed about the massive cash con that is speed cameras, but there aren't.

    Parking on double yellow lines at major junctions. Driving too slow. Not indicating. Driving while on the mobile. Lorries overtaking each other uphill on a motorway. Red light runners. Undertaking in a buslane. Middle lane hoggers on Motorways etc etc etc. All much more dangerous than going 6 miles over the speed limit!

    PS I'm not being bitter, I don't speed and I've never had a camera offence. I just think it's a total and utter cop-out from spending money on proper traffic enforcement
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    Have you not seen the speed kills adverts- "if you hit me at 40 i die" "hit me at 30 and i survive type thing"

    I think you remark neglects to take into account the majority of accidents which happen in built up areas, when even the "best" driver can kill a should a child happen to run/fall/be pushed into the road if the driver going at an innaproiate speed!

    I would be interested to see how you attempt to define "bad" driving then?
  20. matthetimp

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    If you ever get caught by a mobile speed camera, asked them this simple question, " Have the van had a calibration test today?" If it hasn't they cannot fine you as their speed gage may be wrong. There is also a book written by an ex traffic-cop that tells you how to get away with more or less anything. It is available on the net, but do you think i can remember the name............