Spectacular Brass in Ripley Derbyshire !

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  1. Hornted

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    As part of the Ripley Music Festival (Derbyshire) Newstead Brass are appearing in the saturday night Brass Spectacular on saturday 18th July.

    The concert opens at 7.30 pm in Crossley Park in the centre of Ripley with 'AK' a local rock band comprised of members from Newstead and Derwent Brass , Newstead take the stage at 8.30 and finsh with a firework finale at around 10.15.

    Everyone welcome and admission is free, bring a picnic and a bottle or enough bottles for all the band!!

    For more information contact Melanie Cooper on 07970490773
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    Hope the weather stays fair for you all. Everyone I know who went last year said it was a good do

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