Sovereign Tenor Horn for Sale

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  1. Hello all, I have once again decided to sell My tenor horn (I didn't make any progress last time!)

    It is a Round Stamp Sovereign, in generally good condition but it needs some attention as it hasn't been played in a good long while, and I am asking for £500 ono.

    If there is any interest, please do not hesitate to email me at pristine_[at] for further contact details.

    Thankyou for your time!
  2. shawneuph

    shawneuph Supporting Member

    If the horn is still available i would be interested please call me on 07903112411 b4 sunday lunchtime or after next saturday (as i am out of the country for a week ) shawn
  3. *bump*

    This horn is still for sale.

    I also have a tenor horn gig bag, branded Soundwear (in grey) which I would also like to sell for £90 (It's worth about £160) and is in good condition.

    AAAAND, I have a Conn 11D French Horn, which I am selling for £1500, This is in good condition but hasn't been played in ages, meaning that the valves are quite stiff.

    This also has a hard case and a gig bag, (also soundwear, grey) however the bag isn't in as good a condition (I still use it for college, but one zip is broken type thing), so that will be covered in the price.


    Sale of the century.

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