Sovereign Euphonium round stamp for sale

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    Euphonium - Besson Sovereign Round Stamp 4 valve in silver plate

    Looking for £2500 delivered in the UK - overseas by arrangement

    Great playing pro level euphonium. Many top players perform on the instruments they get free for endorsement, but they will tell you that these round stamps have never been bettered, and they are used in the recording studio for solo work where the rich tone is key.

    This one has been played and has some marks and a bit of wear, but is not abused by any means - before me, it belonged to a player - it was not just a 'band issue' instrument. Certainly, these older Sovereigns were built to last and last - the opposite of the 'lottery' horns that were built to fill orders.

    I don't have any detail pictures yet, as it is at a pro workshop getting the full treatment so that it is the best it can be from the first note.
    PM with an email address and I will send them on.

    You are welcome to come try it. If you are at a distance, I can say with confidence that this is a safe buy.

    Feel free to ask any questions. If I can't answer them, I can put you onto the specialist tech doing the tidy up work.

    Comes in its original blue hard case. The fact that it has lasted this long tells a story about carful handling....

    Thanks for looking.
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    Now back from total chem clean and service. Have a good set of photos....