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    1981 Circle Logo Sovereign Euphonium

    This is a one careful (well-off) private owner circle/globe logo Boosey & Hawkes Sovereign 4-valve euphonium from 1981 – blue case and all.

    It is well played – the plating is thinned through to shiny brass along the 4[SUP]th[/SUP] valve slide (waist contact point). Impossible for me to photograph, as it is as shiny as the silver around it.

    But it was his pride and joy, so:

    • No wear on the bell edge from putting it ‘bell down’ on the ground.
    • No dents in the bottom bow.
    • No dents in the second valve slide from being stuck, pulling it too hard and watching it fly across the room.
    • None of the plating has been over polished – comes up bright as new except for a few case/clothing contact points. Just the wear-through mentioned.

    It has two tiny pings – 1mm? The photos try to show them, but you have to look closely.

    The case is not worn out – it has all its foot/bumper thingies, all the fittings are shiny, the hinges are tight and the velour lining is intact. It has a sticker from a trip to Germany on it. Even that was put on straight and is not badly rubbed/worn.

    Valve action is excellent. It sings.
    It has been cleaned and polished using Goddards silver cream.

    Is there a tidier example anywhere? Probably not. This is not an ex-band instrument that has been renovated. It is a ‘no excuses’ original in 9+/10 condition.

    Could it be better? Well, I did a good job, but you could have it chemically cleaned, and have the felts and water key corks replaced. But it doesn’t really need it. You could invest in a set of balanced valve springs and work with a tech to get the pressure and return ‘just so’, but that is personal taste.

    If you are wanting a circle logo Sov, this is the one.

    Lots of photos on request – just give us an email address and we will send them along.

    Hard for me to value (well, I'm not a dealer). Just looking for an 'honest' price for an 'honest' piece.

    DSC00661.JPG DSC00660.JPG DSC00669.JPG DSC00658.JPG
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    I am interested in this euphonium and would like to see the other photos, but also could you give me an idea of price? email address:

    Best regards,

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    Still here

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