Sovereign Cornet Serial Number beginning 238

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    I have come across a Besson Sovereign cornet for sale which unfortunately is over 300 miles away, so I can’t pop out and have a look at it before purchasing. I am advised that the first numbers of the serial number are 238? I know that a 928 is large bore but can’t find any specification on the internet for a 238. Does anybody know if this is a medium or large bore or whatever it might be?
    It is a large bore I am after, so if anyone knows of any second hand large bores in silver that are For Sale, this would also be very helpful.


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    For older Sovereigns I think the first 3 numbers of the serial number had nothing to do with the model number. Think that only came later?
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    There were variations on the Sovereign cornet which included 921, 923 and 927. If it's a really ancient one there is generally no preface to the serial number. This link is very useful for dating an instrument and as you can see there are no B&H / Besson instruments after 1974 which start with a "2".

    I hope this helps. I believe that the Sovereign ranges dates from 1974 and one of the first instruments was a special commemorative euphonium made for Lyndon Baglin.