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  1. Hi,
    I play a sovereign cornet a c. late 80's model and im really finding it difficult to play because of the resistance. If i put more air through the instrument i tend to force the sound. It plays ok from a low c to middle c but ablve that i.e D's and above are really difficult to play with a nice sound. Does anyone else have this trouble with the Sov and can anyone suggest a solution.
  2. BTW I play with a DW 4
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    What bore is your Sov? Small/Medium/Large?
    If your sound begins to crack and sound forced on a small/medium then it is usually an indication that you are ready for a larger bore instrument.

    I played a large bore Sov for years and it could take FFF's etc no problem.
    I then moved to a Maestro years ago after some build grumbles with a Sov and found this a great instrument too.
  4. Its a large bore
  5. brassneck

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    ... try a mouthpiece with a larger throat to lower resistence.
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    I play a late 80's large bore Sovereign and it's fine right up to fff, as long as it's washed regularly (about once every six weeks at least). I also use a Wick 3 mouthpiece, there's a fair difference between a 4 and 3 in the amount of air you can put through, for me the 4 probably suits a medium bore cornet better. I played on a 5 for years, once I changed to a 3 it made a major difference to my sound, how loud I could play, the lot. Give one a try, but give it a month or so and see what you think, it will feel odd at first.
    If you're getting resistance on a large bore I'd say either the mouthpiece or instrument needs a clean!
  7. well i have played the DW4 for just under a year. What is the DW5 like? I have tried the DW3 but I had trouble getting an f on the stave.
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