Sovereign Cornet lost by BB Willebroek at the Masters

Discussion in 'Lost, Found & Stolen Goods Register' started by Jan H, May 31, 2006.

  1. Jan H

    Jan H Moderator Staff Member

    With only two weeks to rehearse Paganini Variations, after the Eurpoean Championships and another CD recording for Bernaerts Music, all the players of Brass Band Willbroek had to put in an extra effort to prepare for the All England Masters International contest. Eventually, the band had a great time in Cambridge, and was very pleased with the result, 3rd place.

    BUT, after the contest, arriving in Belgium on Monday at 4:00 AM, the band was missing an instrument! Everyone was pretty sure that all the instruments were put in the trunk of the coach after the contest. Maybe somebody has seen something, and recognised a Besson Sovereign case with a sticker on it of the 2006 EBBC Belfast?. There was a silver sovereign cornet in it, with 3 mutes and a mouthpiece. So if anyone can help, please contact somebody from the band. You can find telephone numbers and/or e-mail addresses on
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