Sovereign Cornet 928 or 927

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  1. Jimmy_2121

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    I was hoping someone could give me some advice on sovereign cornets!

    I've been looking at getting a second hand one and have played both 927 and 928 in the past. I would prefer to get a 928, I enjoy the wider bore and darker sound.

    I've been looking at one on the internet but the seller is unsure as to the model, he has the serial it relates back to 1981.

    Were they doing different models that far back? If so is there an obvious way of discerning between the two?

    And finally is there much variation between individual instruments of the same model and are there any periods of production to be wary of?

    Obviously if I decide to go for it I won't commit until I have tried it, that'll be the real acid test!

    Thanks for your help in advance!
  2. towse1972

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    OMG! Buy it if it's below £500! It's the old Boosey an Hawkes sov. Much superior to the besson model. Buy it, spend £175 at McQueens having it overhauled. Bargain!
  3. StephenWilkinson

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    Stephen Wilkinson (B&R) Selling: Besson Sovereign 928 Bb Cornet for Sale

    Besson Sovereign Bb cornet for sale.

    I currently play the cornet. However, I am having to sell it due to the band buying a new set of instruments, which the whole cornet section must play.


    Stephen Wilkinson
    (Principal Cornet, Brighouse & Rastrick)

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