South Yorkshire Band seeks a Tuba player

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by YorkshireBand, Feb 17, 2013.

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    Having been formed for 18 months, we are, after steady growth where we want to be. We have a band of 25 players so we don't boast quantity but do provide quality with many of our players at degree level and diploma in their instrument. More than that, they have experience and super musicianship to call on

    Don't be put off that we haven't got tons of Saxes (we have 2 altos, a tenor and a bari. What more could you want?) Or that we only have 1 bassoon and 1 oboe. What we do have is 4 troms, 3 french horns and a partridge in a pear tree......I digress!

    Anyway, all that aside, what we do require is another tuba player to help with the balance of the band. Ideally grade 6 or above.

    There is NO audition for the band and uniform etc is provided.

    There is also NO requirement to sign up straight away. Just come for a blow for a few weeks as others have and see what you think.
    If nothing else, we can assure you of a warm welcome, tea and cake!


    07903 553496
  2. Matthew

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    What a great post, lol! :)

    If you're still looking in around a month, I'd love to pop over (West Yorks here). Are you happy for a BBb Tuba player? I can read/transpose Bass Clef if required too. :D
  3. YorkshireBand

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    You would be more than welcome.
    We ran a 'bring a friend' last night which also worked well so if you want to tag anyone along with you then thats also fine.
    Please give me a nod (or text, racing pigeon, smoke signal etc) when you come across. We rehearse in a barracks and therefore we monitor entry for security purposes and wouldnt want to leave you sat outside. Oh and i'll need to make sure that we have cake :)
    I love the fact that your BBb is insect free...what a bonus;-)

    See you then and my number is -07903 553496

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