South West Trains Woodfalls Band on Radio 2 Drivetime.

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  1. persins

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    The South West Trains Woodfalls Band is proud to announce that it has been approached by Radio 2 to feature on the “Chris Evans Drivetime Show” on Thursday 7th December.

    The opportunity arose through the “UK tour” segment on the popular Radio 2 Drivetime show. Three locations were randomly chosen, with local Radio 2 listeners then encouraged to outline the reasons why the show should be broadcast from each location.

    The SWT Woodfalls Band featured heavily in the pitch from Woodfalls. This allowed the village to successfully beat off competition from the other locations to host Chris Evans and his show. The SWT Woodfalls Band will be featured on the show along with the popular group, the Magic Numbers.

    The show will be broadcast from the Woodfalls Inn, Woodfalls beginning at 5pm through until 7pm.

    SWT Woodfalls band welcomes this opportunity to represent not only Woodfalls village, but also the Brass Band movement in general. Hopefully this will provide greater exposure for Brass Bands in the mainstream media and generate further publicity for the movement throughout the country.
  2. Pops2501

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    Really hope it goes well for you all on Thursday - will be listening and cheering you on. :clap: :clap:

    Best of luck :tup :D
  3. TheMusicMan

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    Great coup there Simon, don't forget to at least try to plug your fav brass forum yeah :)
  4. persins

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    I'll try John!

    We are still not sure how much involvement we will have on the show itself but we will stil hopefully have some role to play in it all!
  5. WCB_Sop

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    Good luck and don't forget the other bands in Woodfalls!
  6. TheMusicMan

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    Fantastic Simon, thanks for this and the very best of luck.
  7. Ruthless

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    I'm currently listening to Radio 2, they have already mentioned the band and I'm waiting for your big moment.
  8. Pops2501

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    What I heard sounded great, well done all :clap:
  9. Mrs Fruity

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    Yaaaaay!! Well done, u lot. I enjoyed it, and from what I heard, (5.40 on) there didn't seem to be any cheesy "brass band" quips from the radio types! :clap:
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    It certainly cheered me up, half way through an 8 hour trek from East Kent to Manchester in the most horrendous traffic and weather!! Well done all!!!
  12. persins

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    Cheers Guys!

    We had a bit of a giggle doing it!
    Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to mention tMP on air! Everyone seemed to be pleased with what we did though. Maybe next time?!