South West Trains Woodfalls Band at Williams' Wedding

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    "South West Trains Woodfalls at Williams Wedding.

    On Sunday 30th July, South West Trains Woodfalls Band had the honour of celebrating the wedding of Paul Williams and Liz Sawyer at Highcliff Castle, Christchurch.

    Paul is currently a leading member of South West Trains Woodfalls Band’s fantastic percussion team while Liz is a former member and regular guest on Cornet.

    Paul and Liz selected a range of music for the band to play throughout the day including:

    Monterverdi - Fanfare
    Evelyn Glennie - A little prayer
    William Byrd - The Earl of Oxford's March
    Faure - Pavane
    Sing Sing Sing

    This was followed by a "Big Band" set to entertain the guests while photos were taken.

    The weather held to ensure that the ceremony and the setting matched the wonderful occasion.

    South West Trains Woodfalls Band would like to publicly congratulate the happy couple and wish them every happiness as they continue into the next stage of their relationship.
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