South West Grading Tables

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  1. Can anyone tell me how many bands were relegated from the 3rd to the 4th section section in the South West region please?
  2. bassinthebathroom

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    Purely Mathematical estimations show that 5 bands are to be relegated to the 4th section in 2005, as 4 bands were tied on 38 points. This would reduce the size of the register from 20 to 16, as 3 bands go up into the 2nd section, and only 4 bands (2 from the 2nd, and 2 from the 4th) go into the 3rd section.
    Hope this helps, though, as I said, they are just my calculations, and not offical figures.
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    I knew you'd be the first to reply to this Iain ;-)
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    Well, BOC as I am....
  5. Thats how I had it figured but not having seen the official grading tables was looking for some conformation from someone who had.

    But then again Penzance haven't competed for 2 years so would be auto relegated, so does that mean that the next 2 highest averages scoring bands would go down? i.e the 4 tied bands on 38 points and the band on 37 points?? or does the auto relegation count as one of theses places??? is it 5 or 6 bands down??????
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    Nik, 5 bands went down from 3rd to 4th Section (ours included :cry: ) this year.

    Should be one helluva 4th section competition next year, 32 bands competing in 4th section next year with only 16 in 3rd section (yes I'm a BOC too!).