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  1. Deano

    Deano Member

    South Wales
    The South Wales Miners Welfare Trust Fund has agreed to sponsor a 20 minute entertainment contest for bands in sections 2, 3, & 4, national grading, from a Welsh Coal Mining Community. Evidence in support of eligibility to qualify for this contest may be sought by the Sponsor, whose decision in this regard is final.

    Applications are invited from eligible bands in Wales.

    The contest will be held at the Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl on Saturday September 17th, 2011 with a £600 1st Prize, as well as prizes for the highest unplaced third and fourth sections bands, most entertaining band, and best soloist.

    It is hoped this new contest will present an exciting opportunity for lower section bands to have their day in the spotlight, at an excellent venue.

    Schedules can be obtained from Rob Gowing by e mail
  2. Deano

    Deano Member

    South Wales
    The inaugural South Miners Welfare Entertainment Contest will take place at The Pavilion, Porthcawl on September 17th, 2011. The contest is for bands in Sections 2,3 & 4 Nationally and from a Coal Mining Community, each playing a 20 minute own choice concert programme.

    This year the bands invited are from Welsh Coal Mining Communities, from 2012, with the Sponsors blessing, the contest will be open to bands from Coal Mining Communities across Britain.

    The trophy which will be presented to the winning band was originally the South Wales Miners Eisteddfod Challenge Cup, for the male voice competition, the trophy has been rededicated to the South Wales Miners Entertainment Contest and is valued at £6000

    12 bands have entered they are: Ammanford, Blaenavon Town, Briton Ferry, Crosskeys, Gwaun Cae Gurwen, Lewis Merthyr, Oakdale, Ogmore Valley, RAF St. Athan Voluntary, Treherbert, Ynyshir, Ystradgynlais.

    The contest will be split into 2 halves with the first draw taking place at 11.00am, the second draw at 2.00pm, 6 bands in each half, there will be a comfort break after band number 6.

    The adjudicator is Mr. Melvin White

    At the request of the Sponsors, the Miners Welfare Trust, the winning band will be invited to compete at the 2012 Welsh Open Entertainment Contest in February.

    The contest will start promptly at 12.00pm, tickets are available from The Pavilion Box Office prior to the event, 01656 815995
  3. Paddy Flower

    Paddy Flower Active Member

    Above a bookmakers
    Paddy's twopenneth worth...

    Lewis Merthyr - 15/8 fav
    RAF St. Athan Voluntary - 7/2
    Blaenavon Town - 4/1
    Treherbert & District - 15/2
    Briton Ferry Silver - 9/1
    Crosskeys Silver - 11/1
    Gwaun-cae-Gurwen - 14/1
    Ynyshir Welfare - 16/1
    Ammanford Town - 22/1
    Ogmore Valley - 150/1
    Ystradgynlais Public - 350/1
    Oakdale Silver - 350/1
  4. Alyn James

    Alyn James Member

    Any Results?
  5. ilovespheres

    ilovespheres Member

    From 4br:

    Adjudicator: Melvin White

    1. Lewis Merthyr (Gavin Pritchard) – 182
    2. Treherbert (Craig Roberts) – 180
    3. RAF St Athan (Alan Bourne) – 178
    4. Ynyshir (Dean Eavns) – 177
    5. Blaenavon Town (Andrew Protheroe-Jones) – 176
    6. Gwaun Cae Gurwen (Colin Hogg) – 175
    7. Crosskeys Siolver (Kerry Bowden) – 174
    8. Ammanford (Glyn R Davies) – 173
    9. Briton Ferry (Dr Christian Jenkins) – 172
    10. Ogmore Valley (Alice Jones) – 171
    11. Oakdale (Adrian Browning) – 170
    12. Ystradgynlais (Alex Parker) – 169


    1. £600
    2. £400
    3. £200

    £200: Most Entertaining Band: Ynyshir
    £200: Highest Placed Third Section Band not in prizes: Ammanford
    £200: Highest Placed Fourth Section Band not in prizes: Oakdale
    Best Soloist: Josh Pegg (Ynyshir)
    Youngest Player: Gwen Flowers (Ystradgynalis)
  6. katieeuph

    katieeuph Member

    Congratulations to Lewis Merthyr! I had a great time helping them out on baritone yesterday. Best wishes to the band for next weekend in Cheltenham :)
  7. 007ish

    007ish Member

    South Wales
    Who played what?


    Concert March from 1941. J Williams
    Sometimes I Feel like a Motherless child (Cornet Soloist: Karla Howe)
    Free and Easy (Trombone Trio)
    A Special Place.
    Goff RichardsBreezin’ Down Broadway. Goff Richards
  8. cornetto_1

    cornetto_1 New Member

    Lewis Merthyr played: One Voice,
    Opus 99,
    Out in Front,
    For your eyes only,
    Le cid
  9. Deano

    Deano Member

    South Wales
    Ynyshir Played:
    Magnificent 7
    Wandrin Star (Bass Trombone Solo Stuart Street)
    The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
    The Lone Ranger ( Xylophone solo Josh Pegg best Instrumentalist)
    The Gael
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