South East Wales BBA Contest, Treorchy

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  1. Despot

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    Straight from Harrogate's site (handy site that!):

    November 19

    South East Wales BBA Contest - Five sections, set test pieces. Parc & Dare Hall, Dyfodwg St, Treorchy, Mid Glamorgan, CF42 6NL

    When are the testpieces released for this?

  2. Deano

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    The test pieces have been selected and are as follows:


    Salome - Gareth Wood


    Triumphant Rhapsody - Gilbert Vinter


    Lorenzo - Thomas Keighley


    Pennine Moors - Darrol Barry


    Episodes for Brass - Ronald Hamner
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    Thanks! :)
  4. Di

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    Nice one Deano, question asked and answered. :tup

    The power of tMP. :biggrin:
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    Some good Choices Salome was comisioned by Parc & Dare in 1993 for there centenary and has some hard Principle cornet work Wich will challange many a top player, Iv just noticed its beens recorded on the 'Wildfire' Cd by BAYV Cory,
    Triumphant Rhapsody another top test peice will challange the bands to theres a great recording by Williams Fairy on the Polyphonic label, Im looking forward to Salome great percussion parts!