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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Maestro, Oct 30, 2004.

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    fantabulous!! i got 46 but im drunk and have no coordintion right noqw!!
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    Still, as an Arsenal fan for some 33 years, I feel absolutely disgusted with the shenaningans in the tunnel after last week's game where soup and pizza were thrown at Sir Alex Ferguson. Why? Look, we're talking about one of the most successful and wealthiest clubs in the world, and all Jens Lehmann can lay his hands on is some manky pea soup and cheapo Marguerita pizza! A club of Manchester United's standing should be able to afford comestibles like prawn vol-au-vents and aromatic duck in a white wine sauce with shallots, baby carrots and with a fried egg on top and Spam for the act of cuisine hurling! Honestly, what is the footballing catering world coming to?? I'm sure Fergie would have been honoured to have been doused and deluged with caviar or roast pheasant or some such but pea soup and pizza?? It's a ******* disgrace, I tell ya! Trust me, the standard of food for the return match at Highbury will be much higher for the players to lob at each other!

    Rumour has it that Sir Alex Ferguson complained to the media that after last Sunday's game, he was seriously 'hampered'!

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    Oh, the people of Arran had no idea what they were letting in did they??

    Nice to see your still here Dave!! ;)
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    Be warned, before too long, we'll be indulging in satellite broadband. Much more expensive than traditional broadband (which won't be available on this part of Arran for a long time yet, if at all!) but we've found other local businesses/people in the region who'll share it with us, thereby making it a lot cheaper. Then, there'll be no stopping me! Ha!



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