Sounds of Christmas - 36 Christmas arrangements

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    Sounds of Christmas is a brand new collection of 36 Christmas arrangements and compositions that can be played by groups as small as five players.

    Sounds of Christmas includes a number of re-scored favourite brass band works including Christmas Joy (Erik Leidzen), Christmas Praise (Noel Jones) and Ding Dong! (Richard Phillips). Also included are many new compositions from Norman Bearcroft, Andrew Blyth, Martin Cordner, Kenneth Downie, Andrew Mackereth, Kevin Norbury and Ray Steadman-Allen. Optional parts are available for Soprano Eb and Percussion along with a selection of alternative parts in C and F for wind instruments.

    Sounds of Christmas is sure to add interest to your Christmas carol playing and offers interesting additions to your Christmas concert repertoire.

    Part I; 1st Cornet Bb, Part I in C (Treble Clef).
    Part II; 2nd Cornet Bb, 1st Horn Eb, Part II in F (Treble Clef).
    Part III; 2nd Horn Eb, Baritone/Trombone Bb, Part III in F (Treble Clef), Part III in C (Bass Clef). Part IV; Euphonium Bb, Part IV in C (Bass Clef).
    Part V; Bass Eb, Bass Bb, Part V in C (Bass Clef).
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