Sounds Of Brass Entertainment Contest- Rufford Abbey

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    I thought as it was only a matter of four days away I would kick start this thread. The contest is to be held at Rufford Abbey Nottinghamshire this Sunday the 16th of July starting at 11am. As usual it's being organised by NEMBBA and has attracted an entry of eight bands.
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    we;ll be there! :)
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    Isn't there a piece of music called Rufford Abbey.....I seem to recall playing it when I was young...over fifty years ago lol
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    Good luck to all those competing... :tup
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    Oooh yea

    Doo de doo de doo doo doo dee diddly da diddly da diddle da da da

    * coat , I'm off now. * :redface::tongue:
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    Yeah, we used to play that too. Stumped as to how it goes now tho.
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    ^^ a bit like that. :tongue:
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    Also on Sunday their is going to be a massed band event after the contest finishes. This is to celebrate sixty years of NEMBBA.
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    Sounds like a really good weekend is in store. Lovely surroundings, perfect weather and lots of music. Hope all goes well.

  10. It was the first testpiece i ever played on cornet, when i was about 7. Played it at the leicester contest. Its actually a really good piece. Full of cornet solo's. The story around it is about a ghostly monk.
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    Results from Rufford Abbey

    Results from Rufford Abbey:

    1st Strata Brass 176 points
    2nd Shirland Welfare Training 175 points
    3rd Long Eaton Silver Prize 173 points

    Highest Third Section Band Not in the Prizes: Whitwell

    Highest Fourth Section Band Not in the Prizes: Thurcroft

    Best Soloist: Victoria Haworth - Horn - Shirland WT

    A mention to our MD Brian Draper - he received a special award for giving 50 years service to banding.

    Bestwood came 7th out of 8 bands.

    A good (and hot!) day was had by us all.

    To commemerate 60 years of NEMBBA - there was a massed bands section who played a few pieces including Diamond Salute composed by Philip Harper. It was commissioned by NEMBBA for the 60th Anniversary Celebrations. The massed bands was conducted by the Adjudicator of the day, Steve Sykes.

    A good venue hopefully we will be able to return there next year.
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    Whitwell 4th :clap:
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    Yes, it's still absolutely fabulous - a really haunting cornet feature in it. Great piece.
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    Results from Rufford Abbey

    Rather too hot for some.:(
    Our Flugel player suffered heatstroke while playing and had to sit in the shade with icepacks and drinks of water for quite a while before she recovered.
    Maybe another year shelter could be provided for the bands as well as the adjudicator and officials.

    Apart from that it was a very good day, especially as we won :clap:
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    yeah brilliant day! I conducted Long Eaton to 3rd place and then me and my brother Carl helped out our friends at Bestwood and then tonight I stepped in to conduct Shirland at a concert!!
    Phew I did enjoy that 1st beer when I got back!!:p
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    A massive thank you to you and Carl for stepping in for us at Bestwood, hope you enjoyed playing with us. Sounds like you had a very busy day Shaz!!!