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    As an aid to publicising ourselves and getting
    some jobs in, we would like to feature some sound clips of our concert work on our band's website.
    Does anybody know the legal issues of doing this? We purchase the music legally through the publishers and pay our dues to the PRS. Do we have to jump through hoops to get extra specific permission for each short excerpt we may wish to feature on our site?

    Also can anybody recommend any free (and easily configured) web page sound clip players.
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    FMFK uses SoundCloud ...

    A Free SoundCloud account is easy to set up and use.

    Check out how we customise and use SoundCloud on our site

    All the media in your sound cloud account can also be collated inti a jukebox 'set' or, as individual track players.

    Lastly, Soundcloud makes it simple for people to link to your site with social networking integration.

    Lastly, if you want some music you can legally host clips of on your website, anything on FMFK is their for us, namely Amature Brass bands to freely use and call our own.
    (as long as your use is not for commercial gain, and be sure to credit the arrangers/composers)