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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by MissBraz, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. MissBraz

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    Hi all,

    Looking for suggestions.

    I have been practising on my own and at band rehearsals for Skegness this weekend, however I have really sore lips, skin cracking etc.

    I think rather than a playing issue it is that time of the year it is cold out (been to and watching a lot of football over the December/early January period spent in damp cold fields). Also had a cold which doesn't help!

    Any decent suggestions on how to try and preserve for the weekend? Trying so hard not to chew my lips!!!

  2. 4th Cornet

    4th Cornet Active Member

    I've heard that Chopsaver is good although I've never used it myself.

    I've also been advised that Carmex and other numbing salves should be avoided for use while actually playing; the numbing effect means one can be tempted to apply extra pressure and cause further damage.
  3. GER

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    Water, water water!! seriously keep as hydrated as possible.
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  4. Tom-King

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    Definitely plenty of water - that's great advice.

    If you're standing out in the cold, lipbalm might well be a good idea.... Chopsaver is decent though I'm not mad keen on it - personally I use Burt's Bees, they're not the cheapest but there's nothing in there that makes lips tingle or interferes with playing.

    Contrary to previous post, I believe the reason for avoiding pretty much any balm that tingles (including Carmex) isn't as much about whilst actually playing as it is that certain ingredients which cause the tingling can dehydrate the lips and/or cause swelling - both of which would be bad.

    For me, it's Burt's Bees all the way - I like the vanilla or wild cherry especially
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  5. 2nd tenor

    2nd tenor Well-Known Member

    It’s just a suggestion or sharing of experience but I’ve found Vaseline a help with lip skin troubles - hope that’s a help in some way.

    I think that there was a thread a long time back about lip salves and flavours.
  6. MissBraz

    MissBraz Active Member

    Thanks all!!
    Happy to say after rehearsal last night - not any worse... However going again tonight so might change!

    Ger - if I drank any more water I would be a walking water drop but will if I can fit any more in ;)
  7. GER

    GER Active Member

    Just had a thought, if you play for a band in either champ,1st,2nd,3rd then plenty of water and lip balm, avoid alchohol and you should be fine. If you play for a band in the 4th section suggest chewing lips and picking skin as much as possible, don't drink any water, consume vast amounts of alchohol, stand out in the cold for hours and persuade your fellow band members to do the same. :):):)
    (just joking)
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  8. ari01

    ari01 Active Member

    I go through little pots of vasaline lip care like nobodies business... constantly, winter, summer, rain or shine
  9. MissBraz

    MissBraz Active Member

    NO ALCOHOL :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
  10. GER

    GER Active Member

    I know, it's a tough ask, but it's only a few days-just think how much less it will cost to get p*****d when you've had a few days off. Once heard somebody say it actually helps playing as well. (Only ever heard it once, never been brave enough to try it myself):):):)
  11. sop@55

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    Hi y'all. (have I really been a member for 8 years!) ref sore lips, 1. most lip balms merely "sit" on the lip. Great if one is skiing. Another generation are based on petroleum jelly - have you even felt or tasted petrol? It dries out the skin...der...ask a pharmacist or chemist! Blistex (formally blistese) "relief Cream" penetrates the skin and really does the job. Also, it's non greasy like so many out there. And, if you don't have it for Skeggy you need shooting (in my not so humble opinion) :) Oh buy it from amazon, 3 packs at a time as it is cheapest. See you all there on Friday. toot toot.
  12. sop@55

    sop@55 Member

    ps, also works on cuticles! (my Mum found this out by accident!)