Soprano Solo

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  1. squeakypete_frb

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    A while ago i put a thread on asking if any band has bubbles was a cheerleader.
    to which i had a good response. its just that i have been told that it is written as a sop solo, but i cant find it anywhere, could some-one who has please tell me where i can get it, or maybe send me a copy. any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks once again!
  2. djstoneham

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    Available from Just Music (£19.95 on website), arranged by Ray Farr. It is not listed as a sop solo in the catalogue. I played it a couple of years ago.
  3. squeakypete_frb

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    thanks, but is it a sop feature, its just that i dont want to buy the piece, if it is not the correct arragement. thanx
  4. djstoneham

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    The arrangement we played is by Ray Farr and published by Prima Vista Musikk, Norway. This is definately a sop feature. I have the score in my hand as I'm writing this! I don't know of any other arrangements of this piece.

    There is a recording of it by Ian Porthouse on the CD Phenomenon (Polyphonic QPRL 203D) if you are interested. Although he plays it on a picc trumpet rather than sop.

    Hope this helps.