Soprano, North West or Midlands, Champ

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    * Instrument(s) played, SOPRANO
    * Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for, CHAMP
    * How much notice do you require, VARIES
    * Name of your present Band, NORTHOP
    * What section is your present Band in, CHAMP
    * Position within Band that you are able to play, SOP
    * How far are you prepared to travel, DEPENDS
    * Would you require transport, NO
    * Do you require expenses, YES
    * Any additional Comments/Information:

    I often work near Telford, Midlands during the week and on weekends I am based in Merseyside. I am looking to keep my lip in more by depping. Please get in touch if you need a dep. Thanks.

    I am fully committed to Northop Band and am not looking to sign for another band. I am available to dep only.

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