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  1. Kinrao

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    I currently play on a Denis Wick S mouthpiece and whilst the sound is OK it's quite hard work in the upper register.

    What I'm looking to do is get a Warburton mouthpiece that is a little more forgiving up top. The cup + shank setup is a little confusing though. :eek:

    I'd welcome any advice or feedback on Warburtons mouthpieces.
  2. brownrob

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    Yes, I too have an S, but I found that once I hit a G it started to feel like it was closing up (though that is probably bad technique on my part!)

    I understand you are looking at Warburtons but however, I moved to a Vincent Bach 10 1/12 C and this seemed to remove the problem, I found it a lot more free blowing, and it has a shallower cup than the S, meaning its easier to pitch up there. Its quite comfortable as well. Ive been informed that you get a bigger sound with VB mouthpieces as there is a U shape at the cup compared to the V of Wicks... but I could be spouting rubbish!

    The S has a lovely sound though, if you can master it!
  3. Alyn James

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    Look at the "Soprano Advice Needed" thread for stuff on War'n mouthpieces
  4. sop 1

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    i play on a warburton 6D12* which does the trick.lovely sound on the lower stuff and can take the high stuff up to top E! :cool:
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  7. sop 1

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    hope that helps? if not pm me. iv also got some warburton tops for sale.
  8. Tam O Shanter

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  9. Kinrao

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    Thanks all for your input, I settled on a 5D11*

    Got to say that the chops feel a lot fresher after practising!
  10. sop 1

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    Glad uv found one! good choice too! :clap:
  11. davidquinlan

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    I use warburton 3S with 5 backbore...
    Very comfortable Mp...
  12. brownrob

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    Warburtons seem very pricey!!!
  13. MoominDave

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    In the current example, you're paying for flexibility - all those combinations you can stick together.

    But also note that the one-piece Warburton mouthpieces cost more than say Bach or Wick. You're additionally paying for better quality control; the bigger companies have been mass-producing their stuff for many years, and factors such as gradually wearing cams on the lathes or indeed simple sloppy workmanship when in a hurry result in an inferior execution of the original design.

    I wanted a 2G with a shank that fitted a G/D bass trombone recently; the giver of the gift rang up Warburton in Florida, and spoke directly to Terry Warburton, who discussed the issues around the mouthpiece, and there and then ran up a two-piece version himself. It cost a lot more than a shop-bought Bach, but the better workmanship and interactive selection experience justify the cost.
  14. sop 1

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    Agreed! the quality is superb,iv spoken to Terry a couple of times too and he's very helpful! :clap:
  15. Kinrao

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    If you have access to a music shop that stocks these mouthpieces, take your sop down and have a try. In my experience this is the first I've found that helps with the sound (and you can choose a top that most fits in with the sound your MD is trying to create for the band) without compromising on range.

    Also it's a really comfortable mouthpiece to play on, I used to practise in 20 minute spells with my Wick S and have to take breaks in between. I can play at least 22 mins now!:biggrin:
  16. davidquinlan

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    Sure, what more do you need, I can't think of any brass band piece that lasts longer than 22 mins.. :)

    The other thing about Warburton gear, is from time to time, you can pick up different tops, shanks on eBay quite reasonably.
  17. bannisa

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    Obviously mouthpiece choice is a personal thing so what suits one may not suit another. The instrument that you use will also have an impact.

    I moved on to sop aged 17 and messed around with all sorts of mouthpieces. I then bought a Schilke sop and asked Phil Parkers to recomend a mouthpiece vowing that I would stick with it whatever! They sent a Schilke 10B4 and it was excellent - within 12 months I was at Brighouse and have used the mouthpiece ever since. I believe Martin Irwin, who took over from me at B&R also uses the same?

    However, the soprano is retired now!

    Andrew Bannister
    Solo Cornet
    Grimethorpe Colliery Band
  18. davidquinlan

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    Shame, you were just getting the hang of it... :)

    kidding.. of course.....
  19. chill

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    A 10B4, wow, no wonder my Schilke 13B sucks the life out of me sometimes
  20. MoominDave

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    One of the best sop players I ever heard plays on a bored out Bach 1...