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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by johnsop, Apr 8, 2012.

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    I am selling some mouthpieces, feel free to get intouch for more info. They are all listed on Ebay and the sales will end this Friday.

    Schilke 11Ax Cornet Mouthpiece - a great soprano mouthpiece

    Schilke 11Ax Trumpet Mouthpiece - the same, but ins trumpet shank

    Bach 1 1/4 C Cornet Mouthpiece

    Bach Corp. 9D Cornet Mouthpiece - very similar to a Wick S, a little shallower

    Warburton Mouthpiece set - 8SV, 8MC and 8MD with 10* backbore, great set at a bargain price!

    Here is a link to my selling page:

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    Just a reminder - sales end on Friday, the Warburton set has gone, the Schilke 11Ax Sop mouthpiece will sell and the rest are all being watched, don't miss out... The Bach 9D is a fantastic mouthpiece and can be yours for £17!

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    The sales on these Mouthpieces end around 2pm today. Follow the link in the first post.

    Don't miss out!


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