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  1. HI,
    I'm a soprano player looking for a N/west band, (Lancashire) will consider any contesting bands in South Yorkshire.
    I have played at all levels in brass banding, including a spell in a millitary band for a number of years, as a serving member of HM Forces. but only a short spell in the championship sec just over a year ago.

    I have just been floating around with different bands helping out, with the hope of finding a band that will give me the challenge I have been looking for.

    Im currently registered with a lower sec band so that I can be borrowed by any section to do contest.

    When I find the right band, I will be fully committed to that band.

    If you feel that I might be the soprano for your band, please e-mail or phone me so that we can sort out some times for a rehearsal.

    My e-mail is:
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  2. musicmaker

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    why do all sop players that want bands live in lancs

    Move to North yorkshire and theres a 3rd sec band with a seat waiting just for you!

    What Mil Band were you in???????
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    I know its not Lancashire, but Northop Band are on the lookout for a Sop/Principal Cornet. We're based about 10 miles from Chester. Easy access by road.

    We're performing in Brassed Off in a few weeks time, and will be in 1st Section from January. We're also looking to do a contest between now and Christmas, so that might be an opportunity for you to try us out.

    Even if you just fancy a blow, let me know.

  4. Well,,,,, what can i say to the question on sop players.
    I think it's the fact that we may be the best,,,,,,lolol
    So if you want the best,,,,,, forget the rest

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    Wire Brass are currently looking for a sop. Phone Paul on 07810712992