Soprano Cornet/Trumpet

Discussion in 'Deputies Available' started by Louder/faster/higher, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. I'm a Soprano Cornet/Trumpet player currently signed with a championship band in the Midlands.

    As we are about to start the summer seaon I am willing to offer help to any band regardless of what section as I know that it can be hard to get cover during this period.

    I would be able to do concerts or contests.
    Dates permiting.
    I live in the Nottinghamshire Area but can cover the East Midlands and Yorkshire Areas.

    All I ask for in return is reasonable expenses.
    I am also willing to do rehearsals if required.

    PM me if you would extra contact details from me

  2. A quick update.
    I signed to a band but it was only for the areas. Due to travelling the long distance to rehearsals and the current petrol prices i can no longer can afford to go.
    If the right band in the right area came along.
    you never know
  3. the only week i would not be able to help anyone would be from the 10th june until the 17th june any other dates i should be ok for.

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