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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by pagliacci, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. pagliacci

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    Can anyone recommend a stable soprano cornet stand please?

    I have had a three legged cornet stand that I picked up years ago from a trade stand, the sort that stores in the bell of the instrument (not sure of the make, but it's smaller and than the the K&M types for Bb cornet). However, when I used it recently on a slightly uneven hard surface during an outdoor job it toppled over - only very superficial damage done to the instrument, but annoying nonetheless.

    Any recommendations from soprano players of maybe a five or six legged stand, or one that otherwise is stable and which definitely fits the slightly narrower soprano bell?

  2. chrisjohnston

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    Hi we can supply a Trumpet stand that would do the Job.

    £14.99 + £5.00 P&P

    Can email you a picture if required

  3. fatcontroler

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    i thought soprano players used a spare part of their ego to hold the instrument?:wink:
  4. chrisjohnston

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    Ha ha very good, mustn't have a go at Sop players, they are a rare bread indeed!
  5. popmills

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    I use a folding clarinet stand this has given years of service and stores in the bell
  6. jrshimmon

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    I have a hercules trumpert/cornet stand. It fits my Sterling quite well. For a better fit though you could file down the rubber top and this should allow it to fit really snuggly.

    It is a 5 leg stand and fits in the bell and comes in a little cloth bag.

    It was good value too.

    Hope this helps :)
  7. pagliacci

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    ah, but that's the problem, if you turn around too quickly your ego knocks the instrument over!
  8. pagliacci

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    Thanks, I've found the hercules "travlite" five legged stand, that looks like a more stable in bell option which is compact enough to fit in a sop bell; thanks for the advice (and to everyone else too for their input).