Soprano Cornet Practice mute?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Kjata, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. Kjata

    Kjata Member

    Hey all,

    I've been looking for a practice mute for my new sop, but all I can come up with is a D trumpet mute, and all the sites say that the D bell is the same as the Eb bell?!
    Can anyone clarify?
  2. GJG

    GJG Well-Known Member

    A practice mute for D/Eb trumpet bell is the closest you will find. It's usually good enough.
  3. TrumpetNick

    TrumpetNick Member

    It is not the same, but it is close enough (on trumpet at least, I have never seen a cornet in D). Take notice of the fact, the trumpet is more popular, hence trumpeters are the biggest denominator in marketing and mute innovations. is offering stealth mutes designed for E flat trumpets, that should fit nicely in your soprano (you can modify corks if there is a minor fitting problem). Denis Wick is listing mutes for E flat cornet as well as mutes for D trumpet, but I suspect that these are not different (the mutes). Hope this helps.
  4. John_D

    John_D Member

    I'm using a shhhh mute with my sop (schilke). t's the standard cornet one and works great. I've tried a Denis Wick one (still use one occasionally with my Sovereign Bb cornet), but the Shhh seems better.
  5. chrisgs

    chrisgs Member

    I use the Denis Wick soprano practice mute, although having looked at the product codes on their website it is indeed the same as the D trumpet version. However it works fine with the soprano and is still a good fit.
  6. Crazysop

    Crazysop Member

    I use a wallace practice mute which does the trick, got it off a trade stand at pontins a while back. The box said for Eb cornet, however, I have found that a colleagues Bb version seems to fit my shilke better bizzarely.

    Considering getting a Shhhhh mute, heard good things about them.
  7. chrisjohnston

    chrisjohnston Member

    We highly reccomend the ssshh mute, its available on our web site
  8. WhatSharp?

    WhatSharp? Active Member

    I have a Peter Gane one, it's not too bad ( basically a fiber straight with the cork all round ).
  9. trumpetmike

    trumpetmike Well-Known Member

    I have both the Wick and the Trumcor - both work with the vast majority of Eb cornets and Eb/D trumpets, but there is only one way to be certain which will work best for yours - try it and find out.
    What make/model of soprano do you use?
  10. Muteman

    Muteman New Member

    Hi there,

    Many trumpets, not all, are sold as Eb and D, you get one trumpet and two sets of slides so you can play in Eb or D, hence the bell remains the same. This is most likely where the 'Eb and D bell are the same' originates.

    Mike McLean Mutes make mutes designed specificaly for use in the Schilke soprano cornet; straight, cup, pianissimo straight, pianissimo cup and bucket mute.

    All the mutes play perfectly in tune from bottom to top register. The pianissimo mutes are designed to do a specific job; you play f or above and the sound speaks from pp up. Very useful mutes for soprano players on the contest platform, concert platform or anywhere you'r under pressure.

    I hope this helps.
  11. sop 1

    sop 1 Member

    I have been using the new JOHN WALLACE soprano practice mute (not the old wooden one) since Christmas and it is amazing,has got a small metal insert so u can control the resistance!! iv owned all the above mutes and must say this is the best! have a look here for more info
  12. davidquinlan

    davidquinlan Member

    I use sssshmmm mute.. works a treat..
    have wick practice mute too... but schhh mute is quieter...

    As well as the fit, it depends on what you are comfortable with, all mutes have different feedback, resistance and intonation quirks...
  13. I use 4 different practice mutes, I don't want to get used to one in particular. Pressure is always different, so try to practice as much as possible without mute ;)
  14. Kjata

    Kjata Member

    I thought the whole point of using practice mutes was to have as much pressure as possible so when you don't use it, it plays much more fluently and easily? At least that's what I found when using it with my Bb.
  15. Kjata

    Kjata Member

    It that the one favoured by SA players? I have a friend who uses a mute like that.
  16. sop 1

    sop 1 Member

    im not sure about that lol
    but this new all metal model hasnt been out that long i think
  17. sop 1

    sop 1 Member

    Yep agreed! Only use mine for long notes,rest of my practice is always done open.
    Listen to Bert as he knows wot hes on about,if uv ever heard him play you'll know wot i mean!!!!!!! :clap::clap::clap:
  18. Tam O Shanter

    Tam O Shanter Member

    I've used the Bb Bremner Shhhhhh mute in my sop and it's fine.

    I've also used the Blue Wallace Soprano Practice Mute (these are early Don Maslet mutes). You can still buy them from Trevada Music for about £27. Search for Wallace Practice Mute on their website ( They also sometimes sell them on ebay as a Buy It Now.

    I prefer the Wallace mute for resistance and sound quality, but it doesn't stay in the bell so easily as the Bremner mute.
  19. sop 1

    sop 1 Member

    As i said earlier there is a brand new Wallace practice mute out now far superior to the old one!!! :clap:
  20. Kinrao

    Kinrao Member

    I have a Denis Wick sop mute that I haven't stuck on Ebay yet as I'm no longer playing sop.

    No reasonable offer refused :)

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