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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by go_swim_sop, May 6, 2012.

  1. go_swim_sop

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    Hi There
    I am selling 3 soprano cornet mouthpieces on ebay. Schilke 11ax (£30.00), Denis Wick s (£25.50) and a Vincent bach 3c (£20.00). I bought them all for a trial period as I got transferred onto soprano and have actually settled on a vincent bach 10half C wide. Therefore the other mouthpieces are not required. They are in excellent condtion just a feint insertion mark on the shank, as they were only played for a month. They are nearly brand new, hence the prices.

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  3. go_swim_sop

    go_swim_sop New Member

  4. go_swim_sop

    go_swim_sop New Member

    The schilke 11ax didnt sell at £30 so have reduced the price to £25.00. Thanks.
  5. sop57

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    Is the 11ax still available?
  6. go_swim_sop

    go_swim_sop New Member

    Hello Sorry it was sold on e-bay a few weeks ago.
    Regards Swim_sop_go

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